Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Lazy Goat String Band, Mountain View Arkansas

For some time now I've been facebook friends with Emily Elam, one of the members of the Lazy Goat String Band in Mountain Home Arkansas. I've been following her work as a musician for all that time and I did buy the DVD, "East Richwoods" that she and Martin Daryll put out a few years ago. I really enjoyed that DVD (And I recommend it). Both Martin and Emily did a great job on this. Because of this I thought it was a good idea to cover the band she has been in for many years now. Lazy Goat Stringband is based out of Mountain View Arkansas and play in the general area over the summers. Emily has been in College/University but graduated a couple years ago and returned to her home town whereupon she married another fiddler, Everett Elam. As you guessed she is the fiddler of the group but plays banjo equally as well. She is a very accomplished musician. The group began in 2012. They discovered that they really worked well together in a special way and took it all the more seriously. They quickly became regular players at the Ozark Folk Center State Park and on the County Court House Square in Mountain View Ar. Emily reminds me they are all multi-intrumentalists and all take parts in the vocals. They have at least two CD's out, "Goats for Sale"2013, and Climbin the Fence" 2015. You can find these on CD Baby HERE. Here and Here
Scott Blake is the main guitar picker who is self taught. His background reflects many of ours in music. He enjoyed groups and people like The Carter Family, Norman Blake, The Stanley Brothers, and the Old Time authentic musical legacy of the Mountain View area that his Father helped pass on to him. Emily points out that his son Samuel Blake who also plays in the group was guided by his father along the way quite successfully. Samuel plays banjo and harmonica and like all young players is a work in progress for the future. This is not to say he can't already play quite excellent! I asked Emily specifically how she would describe the music she plays, and she replied, "I primarily play Ozark and Appalachian style Old Time. Check out the youtube videos of them playing I have added. As an insight into the "Goat" theme found in their CD titles, Emily's folks raise goats. I follow her Mom's facebook page where she discusses life on their small farm raising goats and chickens and a special breed of Cattle. From that I can say that when young, goats are adorable and charming little playful things. But! From a family photo I will include just for grins, they grow up and things change! I want to thank Emily for the information used here and in a few places either used her own phrases or slightly modified them. From the time I began this blog it was my desire to hew to the Old Genuine Ozark (All States included) and the Missouri tradition. Since then, I've opened it up to bordering States as just as much part of the heartland OT tradition well worth discussing and sharing. The Lazy Goat String Band fits the first niche well. Do check them out. Go ahead, buy those CD's! Catch them playing. Julienne Johnson Video

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