Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Help me spread the news

When I was really active here, I tried to post any and all information about Concerts, Performances, Festivals Etc. Please forward to me any information about who what when and where something is happening. I'm happy to share it here. I always wanted to make this a place for information.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Clifftop 2018 - Hooker's Hornpipe - Tricia Spencer

Credit goes the "Keiths" youtube channel. Go there for more.

Wonder of wonders, people are still reading this blog

I have not checked in here for years. I had hoped it would stay up and available and I now see that it still gets lots of visitors. I'm tempted to restart the blog.Lots of changes in a bit over four years since I quit posting. Some people have left the circle to linger in memories. New people keep raising up to carry on where others left off. I hope that if you find this blog and check out my posts that you come back and see what I might be doing in the future here. I really should modify what I said in my last posting. I have seen a conscious effort by people to set differences aside and get in the old circles together again. I think folks are just exhausted by the politics of the last ten years and the music and fun still hold the heart strings stronger than political and social differences. I'm soon to retire next year sometime and I will have tons of time to devote to this blog again. I think I will be able to get out there more and bring something back with me to share. Working in the job I have has not been good for that. Lets see what happens, shall we?