Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Update on Howard Rains and Tricia Spencer

As you may know, Howard Rains and Tricia Spencer married somewhat recently and are now a duo. They also recently recorded a new CD, "The Old Man and The Old Woman". I have not purchased this yet and cannot review it but the three songs available for a free listen on their shared website (Spencer and Rains)were pretty good.Only Roustabout is on the new CD, the others are on Rains previous CD. As you know I really think a lot of Tricia's fiddle playing. Her CD of last year was in my opinion fantastic. I was a bit concerned when she married a Texan and I feared he would spirit her away to the Lone Star State and Kansas would lose a damn fine fiddler! But Tricia remains at her luthier job and Howard lives in both Austin and Lawrence. Here is the new album cover Howard designed.I think it's pretty neat myself.
You can see Spencer and Rains next week here in Kansas City. They will be teaching a workshop at the Folk Alliance Camp and Showcase on February 19-23. They are performing on friday at the Penn Valley location at 9:30 pm. I should also mention that there will be a number of really good musicians there. So many I can't begin to list them all. To mention some that caught my eye, Mike Compton, Alferd Packer Memorial String Band, Betse Ellis, Foghorn String Band, Riley Baugus,and so many many more. The list is huge. Must be over a hundred. I was thinking of going until I saw how expensive it is to attend. You'll need to visit the Camp website for info for your self. I'm unemployed again but to those who are serious about this, it might be worth it to be in the vicinity of so much good music and people. I am disappointed not to be going because I did want to see them perform and to see the huge number of others there. Here is the website for Folk Alliance
Ya'll go check 'em out some time hear! They are just flat good. Here is an example for your listening pleasure. Don't forget to buy that CD and if you don't have it yet, Tricia's CD from last year. I have to tell you they sure make Kansas proud. (Texas too!)


  1. I have the new CD and its fantastic! Roustabout is unique...not the same as Hop High...which is also on the CD! The version of Say Darlin' Say is fantastic! Best version I have ever heard. Cotton-eyed Joe I definitely unique and I really like Down the road. Out of all the songs/tunes, by far my favorite is Wedding Dress!! Its a fantastic arrangement!

  2. I have the CD, too, and the harmonies are wonderful!


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