Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Video I found about a local Mountain View Arkansas Ozarks style Old Time group "Ozark Traditions"

My friend Jeremy Myers pointed this video out and I just had to share it with you folks. The video just reinforces that Mountain View Arkansas is the very Jerusalem of Old Time Ozark style music. This video is a local group who call themselves "Ozark Traditions". I don't have everyone's name who's playing here, just a couple of them so I will maybe identify them later when I can ID them all. I really like the fiddlers playing. A lot. The banjo player is pretty good too as well as everyone else. It's when I see this kind of playing that my music juices really get flowing. This is exactly what inspires me. I love Ozark style Old Time Music. This is what gets me going. This second video is about music in Mountain View Arkansas. You have to go there and see it to believe it. If your into Old Time music that is where you want to go. As I have said before, the real center of the Ozarks is in Arkansas and the real center of Old Time Ozarks music is down there. You might be tempted to think otherwise after the CD "Traditional Fiddle Music of the Ozarks" came out. To be sure Missouri has its music too. A big big chunk of what we know of Ozarks music comes from there. But today, the center is in Arkansas. Of course, this is just my silly opinion. You might feel differently. The town is a very quaint Ozarks small town and well worth the visit. While Jimmy Driftwood gets his due credit for helping bring the Ozark Folk Center to Mountain View and for his efforts at promoting the music there, it's also true all of this preceeded him and the area has always been noted for it's old time ozark music. Still, when you go there think of old Jimmy won't ya?

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  1. In the video left to right, Lori Freeze, Jenny Sartain, Martin Darrell, Mike Sutter, and Wes Kent.


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