Thursday, February 13, 2014

More dusting and cleaning of the blog

I have been tidying up at the blog ranch this week. Changed the look a little bit, dropped a couple of things I thought were more clutter than helpful, and am going to clean up my links, drop the dead ones, maybe add some new ones and finally start to make the Events page come to life. My work and other factors put me in a bad place this last year and I just kind of lost interest for a while and nearly gave up the blog but after being off work for a month my sanity returned and I'm back to blogging. Life is too short to work somewhere doing something you realize you hate. I went back to a former employer and found the place in much worse shape than when I left it. You really cannot go back "home" again. It's time for a transition to new things for me but that's another story. Now, on to the task at hand. I think the blog is getting better. I reviewed my early posts....yes, it's better now.

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