Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mark Franzke, Prairie Village Luthier, Mandolin Maker Video

I have had Mark Franzke on my Instrument builder list for several years now. Here is a very nice video a friend of his made about him and his work building these spectacular mandolins. I have never met Mark but one of these days I need to. Those who know say his mandolins are wonderful. Pull up a chair and check this out. You will find a link to his website below right. Stop by and look. I encourage my readers to consider our wonderful regional builders. They are all building some especially fine instruments.

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  1. I like how he had a peterson tuner. Those are nice for the tap tuning work thats done to align all the pieces to a single key or chord. The Art of Tap Tuning is a book I have that does a great job explaining the process. Nice Post.


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