McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Sunday, January 12, 2014

OK, I think the blog hiatus is over.

I have noticed a pattern over the years where I have spells where I just run dry here. This past ten months I took a job that was incredibly stressful and difficult. I left that job friday (thank God!) and I'm actually feeling good about it even though I'm now unemployed! That's how bad it was. I returned to the company I worked for when the crash of "08" hit and was then let go. They were good to work for then but not now. Thomas Wolfe really was right even though his phrase is so really can't go home again. I have gotten older and I was different just as much as they were different. Just not a good fit anymore. So, my sanity is returning and my obsession with jazz is coming to a reduced level. I'm back into my interests in Old Time and Bluegrass music. My spirit really did miss it. I have been in a really deep hole with this music due to my serious fatigue problems and the stress level I had to deal with. Right now I have the flu but in a couple days I am heading up the stairs to my hidaway and will resume my long struggle with the guitar. I sure miss having the Dunhams around to fire up the jam and keeping me fired up to play. I really need to do some woodshedding before I can resume jamming. See you soon.

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  1. Sweet. I'm reading. I have your blog on my RSS feed so I dont miss anything. :)


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