McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Kansas Fiddling and Picking Championships at Lawrence Kansas

Last sunday was the annual Kansas Fiddling and Picking Championships in Lawrence Kansas. As always, it was very hot out and as always, it was sunny and beautiful. The crowd turnout was about normal. There did not seem to be as many food vendors this year. For me it was noticeable that there was no ice cream to be had. Leo Posch was there in spite of having been seriously injured from a bicycle accident. It was good to see him there. There was a jam going on at his area that was pretty good. A lot of folks care about Leo and are pulling for his complete recovery. Leo makes some of the very best guitars anywhere and I'm not exaggerating. He's also one of the nicest guys around. The sound system at the South stage was terrible this year. I had to struggle to hear the flatpickers this year and missed about half of what was played. They need more speakers and they need to turn it UP! This event really made me feel good about living in Kansas. Lawrence is still a small town and the crowd was made up of folks across N.E. Kansas (mostly) that are heartland down home types. I love kansas and it's people. Good people and the land is beautiful. The music was pretty good this year too. I missed some of the contests as I left a couple hours earlier than planned due to the heat. The Jams were really good this year. There seemed to be more of them and there was some real fine playing. I was really glad to see that and I hope that continues next year. I might well join in. All in all it was yet another good year and I want to express my appreciation to all those folks who work so hard at putting this on. Thanks! Check out the photos

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