McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stringband Rendezvous at Clinton Lake near Lawrence Ks coming up.

Stringband Rendezvous is coming up soon and it will be a four day event this year. The last couple years have seen bad weather and other challenges and it looks like they intend to rebound big. Well, I hope this year goes well. I will certainly be there. I missed last year. I like this event. If you like to jam and like acoustic music, you will enjoy it. It's kind of a mini Winfield but manageable. Good people put this on and I am real glad they are keeping it going. The economy hurt them for a few years but this year should be good for them if we don't have any bad weather. May 30-June2. Bloomington West Campground, on the west side of Clinton Corps of Engineers Reservoir near Lawrence Ks. The Prairie Acre band will be playing and I most strongly recommend catching them perform!

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