McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Art Galbraith

I have not said much about Art Galbraith in part because I have not been able to hear enough of him to make some kind of fair appraisal. Recently I have heard enough to say that I do indeed really enjoy his playing. Gordon McCann was his second for many years. Gordon is also my favorite backup player. Here is a little clip I got off YouTube. I sure do enjoy this fine tune and his playing. Art was a southwest Missouri fiddler. Bread and buttered. He passed away some years back. Folks like him are getting a bit thin now. Those with deep roots in the soil and culture of the Ozarks remain but not so many now. Back in the 70's you could still find a fair number of these folks. The good thing is, people have not let the music die. There are some fine fiddlers out there who have carried on this passion and it's in no danger of disappearing. My hope is that we see a real uptick in interest in these old ways of music as the times return to what I expect will be more like hard times.

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