Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wild Bill Jones by Jeremy Myers with daughter dancing

It's long past the time a little levity was brought into the blog. Jeremy is a fiddler out of SW Mo. I like his playing here.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stringband Rendezvous at Clinton Lake near Lawrence Ks coming up.

Stringband Rendezvous is coming up soon and it will be a four day event this year. The last couple years have seen bad weather and other challenges and it looks like they intend to rebound big. Well, I hope this year goes well. I will certainly be there. I missed last year. I like this event. If you like to jam and like acoustic music, you will enjoy it. It's kind of a mini Winfield but manageable. Good people put this on and I am real glad they are keeping it going. The economy hurt them for a few years but this year should be good for them if we don't have any bad weather. May 30-June2. Bloomington West Campground, on the west side of Clinton Corps of Engineers Reservoir near Lawrence Ks. The Prairie Acre band will be playing and I most strongly recommend catching them perform!

Compton Ridge Fiddle Camp coming up soon!

The annual Compton Ridge Fiddle Convention is coming up fast. April 16-18th. This is a fine little event and if you fiddle you should consider attending. I can't make it this year...again! Dang it. I'm always broke at tax time. This is in the Branson area. Google it and you will find the info or write me. One qualification. This is not a pure Old Time music event. Very mixed bag musically. Watching the clips on youtube, it makes me think of Winfield.

Nathan McAlister, SW Mo musician.

I have not posted much about Nathan for some months now. There is a reason I forget about him and I will try not to keep doing that. He's a real fine player. Does a real good job of it. Check him out here with some clips he has posted. He plays fiddle as well and is as good on that as the banjo. Real Old Time music. Love his playing.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Next jam in Belton Mo postponed a week.

We just set the next jam for (POSTPONED) at 4 pm at Becky's house in Belton Mo. If your interested in joining us please email me. see address on right hand side of the blog. We have had a few folks come on over and we hope to see them again and maybe some new folks will show up too. If you like Old Time music and want to play it we welcome you to join us. It's been great fun and we like to share the bliss.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lyman Enloe

I have not posted about Lyman Enloe one bit as far as I can recall. I do think he is one of the best fiddlers Missouri ever had come up. Just awful good. I love his playing and will be talking about him more. Enjoy this.

Art Galbraith

I have not said much about Art Galbraith in part because I have not been able to hear enough of him to make some kind of fair appraisal. Recently I have heard enough to say that I do indeed really enjoy his playing. Gordon McCann was his second for many years. Gordon is also my favorite backup player. Here is a little clip I got off YouTube. I sure do enjoy this fine tune and his playing. Art was a southwest Missouri fiddler. Bread and buttered. He passed away some years back. Folks like him are getting a bit thin now. Those with deep roots in the soil and culture of the Ozarks remain but not so many now. Back in the 70's you could still find a fair number of these folks. The good thing is, people have not let the music die. There are some fine fiddlers out there who have carried on this passion and it's in no danger of disappearing. My hope is that we see a real uptick in interest in these old ways of music as the times return to what I expect will be more like hard times.