McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ozark Fiddle Tunes book

I was originally going to do a full on review of this book but decided a more concise description will be enough. First, this book has been out for a couple years or so now. It is a must have for Ozark Fiddle music and Old Time music aficionados. Gordon McCann and Drew Beisswenger put this together. It's a compilation of transcriptions of fiddle tunes as played by Ozark fiddlers past and present.Many of those featured were also featured on the Traditional Ozark Fiddling CD that has been out for some years now. (Another must have) For you "seconds" the chords are shown. This was why I finally bought the book. So I could learn to second some of these tunes. You also get a CD with the book as well. This makes it a great deal for those interested in Ozark fiddling and Old Time music. Highly recommended.

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