McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jam again tonight

Our next jam is tonight. I will try to record some video this time so I can post it. There is some fine pickin going on! This is our third session. We have been having it at folks homes which is kind of nice. I am resistant to changing that.But if it gets much bigger we will have to look at alternatives. I think we will try it outdoors later this year. My driveway and garage would work good for that if I organized it better. If your interested in the jam please write me via the email address I give on the front upper right hand side. We are having this every two weeks. It's getting addicting. UPDATE: THE JAM WENT GREAT LAST NIGHT. WE HAD TWO NEW FACES AND THINGS WENT VERY WELL WITH SOME REAL FINE PLAYING. IF YOUR INTERESTED IN JOINING IN PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR INFO. THE NEXT SESSION WILL BE ON FEB 23. (SAT) UNFORTUNATELY, I FORGOT MY CAMERA AND CAN'T POST ANYTHING. NEXT TIME..

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  1. Gary, I've already had my next door neighbors tell me they'd love to hear some music coming from my backyard--so it's available once the warm weather arrives!


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