Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another Book Review Coming

I will soon be doing another book review, perhaps this weekend on the McCann Beisswenger book, "Ozark Fiddle Music" I can already tell you that this is a must have book for those interested in Ozark Fiddle music/Old Time music. While I don't fiddle, the music does have chords shown which is enough for me right now. I will post the review here as an update and not as a new post. I will probably review this book first and the other book later after I read it all.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tricia Spencer's CD "Fiddlin' Like There's No Tomorrow"

Monday I stopped by the Music/Instrument Shop where Tricia Spencer works as a luthier and while buying some of her old "Old Time Heralds" I thought to buy her CD as well. I had heard the samples and I knew I would enjoy having it but when I placed the CD in my car's player I was seriously impressed with the beauty of this work. I hesitate to comment on skill levels and my perceived impressions of anyone that I comment on other than that I really like what they do. However, because Tricia has pointedly commented that she has progressed musically over the past several years, then I feel free to say that I could see and hear that from my end. Clearly she has made some significant progressions in her playing and style and the fruit of those labors and passions are revealed in her new CD. I have always enjoyed her wonderful playing for some years but now I can say that she is now one of my favorites as a fiddler. I find her playing just beautiful and smooth. (I am not using smooth in the technical sense of her being a Little Dixie stylist either. Just smooth. I am not knowledgeable enough to really peg anyone's regional style anyway. Not yet anyway. I played this CD on my way home to Mission from Lawrence and I found myself avoiding just skipping ahead on songs that I might not just normally take to. Instead I found myself enjoying songs I would normally not find that interesting. I attribute this to her fine musicianship and playing that I found irresistible. Clearly, I really like this CD and I strongly recommend it to you. I hope you buy this one. You will not be sorry. Tricia embodies the fine musicianship found in Lawrence' Old Time music community. Here in the KC, Topeka, Lawrence Ks region, we enjoy some fine musicians who interpret the old tunes wonderfully. We are not suffering here because we are not currently living in the Ozarks or the Appalachians when it comes to fine fiddle music. You can buy her CD at her shop in Lawrence (Beautiful Music Violin Shop 925 Iowa, Lawrence ks.) Here is her website for the CD You can also find her CD on Amazon and CD Baby and other vendors. Go buy this one.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

New book review coming soon

I finally bought Howard Marshall's book on Missouri Fiddling, "Play me Something Quick and Devilish" I am working on it now and will offer a review immediately after finishing it. I can say that you for sure can regard this book as a must have resource for Missouri fiddling and music. I bought my copy through Amazon and it seems to be cheaper there. I am bothered by the artificial nature of State boundaries and the Arkansas fiddling is not part of that topical coverage. I think there needs to be a book that covers both states. I don't own Gordon McCann and Drew Beisswenger's book on Ozarks Fiddle Music but I soon will and perhaps that covers the ground well enough. I will report on that one too when I get it. UPDATE, MONDAY: I am nearly done reading this wonderful book and will give a review very soon.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jam again tonight

Our next jam is tonight. I will try to record some video this time so I can post it. There is some fine pickin going on! This is our third session. We have been having it at folks homes which is kind of nice. I am resistant to changing that.But if it gets much bigger we will have to look at alternatives. I think we will try it outdoors later this year. My driveway and garage would work good for that if I organized it better. If your interested in the jam please write me via the email address I give on the front upper right hand side. We are having this every two weeks. It's getting addicting. UPDATE: THE JAM WENT GREAT LAST NIGHT. WE HAD TWO NEW FACES AND THINGS WENT VERY WELL WITH SOME REAL FINE PLAYING. IF YOUR INTERESTED IN JOINING IN PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR INFO. THE NEXT SESSION WILL BE ON FEB 23. (SAT) UNFORTUNATELY, I FORGOT MY CAMERA AND CAN'T POST ANYTHING. NEXT TIME..

Friday, February 1, 2013

Liz Amos and Bob Holt playing Polk County Breakdown

I found this on Liz Amos' facebook and had to pass this along. Shoot, I lived in nearby Wright County in the day just a few miles from Bob and knew nothing about him. Jeez! I also spent two years in Polk County in college. Yup, been there done that.