McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Indian Creek Delta Boys

Due to the recent passing of Garry Harrison as noted in an earlier posting, I have decided to expand my blog coverage to include Illinois. From now on I will be looking at Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Illinois. Of course, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Iowa will sneak in from time to time but only incidentally. I will cast my net a bit further from now on. One slight caveat. I won't cover the Chicago area at all.That should be done by someone there. And maybe it is. It's a sad fact that I had heard about the Indian Creek Delta Boys from Garry's brother Steve but I simply did not realize just how wonderful a group they were or the good work they did until after finally hearing them after Garry's passing. Being from northern Illinois originally and not having lived there since 1973, I had not heard of them even though I became a fan of Bluegrass music in 72. At any rate, The following article provides an overview of the groups history and beginnings. I will not try to restate it for you but you can read it yourself there. The purpose of this article is to announce the offering of a CD of recordings by this group. The proceeds of this CD will be applied to The Garry Harrison Scholarship Fund. These scholarships are to help two players to attend upcoming workshops where Illinois Old Time music will be taught.A worthy cause in my estimation. Garry Harrison did a lot of work in trying to preserve the history and tunes of old Illinois and this will help keep what he did moving forward for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.
Garry Harrison
The CD can be ordered from here Please follow the link to the article for more information on this group. Indian Creek Delta Boys I'm always broke this time of year but I'm going to buy this one soon. I hope many of you will consider buying it too. If for no other reason than it's good Old Timey music. Here is one clip I found and a fairly old one of them playing in Libertyville Ill. This last clip features Garry on the fiddle. I must say, I reallllly like his fiddling. A lot.

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