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McClurg Jam

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Booth Shot Lincoln

Mike Parks just posted a clip of him playing this tune which was the first time I have heard this one. I really like this tune. I am going to try to learn this one and perhaps our jam can pick this one up? Here is a nice rendition I found on YouTube. Here are the lyrics Wilkes Booth came to Washington, an actor great was he, He played at Ford's Theater, and Lincoln went to see; It was in early April, not many weeks ago, The people of this fair city all gathered at the show. The war it is all over, the people happy now, And Abraham Lincoln arose to make his bow; The people cheer him wildly, arising to their feet, And Lincoln waving of his hand, he calmly takes his seat. And while he sees the play go on, his thoughts are running deep, His darling wife, close by his side, has fallen fast asleep; From the box there hangs a flag, it is not the Stars and Bars, The flag that holds within its folds bright gleaming Stripes and Stars. J. Wilkes Booth he moves down the aisle, he had measured once before, He passes Lincoln's bodyguard a-nodding at the door; He holds a dagger in his right hand, a pistol in his left, He shoots poor Lincoln in the temple, and sends his soul to rest. The wife awakes from slumber, and screams in her rage, Booth jumps over the railing, and lands him on the stage; He'll rue the day, he'll rue the hour, as God him life shall give, When Booth stood in the center stage, crying, 'Tyrants shall not live!' The people all excited then, cried everyone, 'A hand!' Cried all the people near, 'For God's sake, save that man!' Then Booth ran back with boot and spur across the back stage floor, He mounts that trusty claybank mare, all saddled at the door. J. Wilkes Booth, in his last play, all dressed in broadcloth deep, He gallops down the alleyway, I hear those horses feet; Poor Lincoln then was heard to say, and all has gone to rest, 'Of all the actors in this town, I loved Wilkes Booth the best.' Here is the music that I could find
Here is Mike Parks playing it on Mandolin. I always love to hear him play. Mike lives down in Arkansas.

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  1. Greetings from Montreal, Canada. I just found your blog today and this tune is so nice! Even though I was born in 1956, I absolutely love music (if you will), older than myself. I love songs and music from the early 1900's to 1940's. Thank you for sharing.


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