Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Yes, it's been months since I last posted anything of substance. In fact, anything at all. Sorry about that. The demands of my job and my problem with fatigue really left me with no energy to do much of anything at all. I admit I wondered if it was time to walk away from the blog given my lack of energy but like so many other times my interest in the blog seems to return and so I will let time tell that story for a while longer. Most people go through periods of change and I am no different. When I began this blog it was an effort to help educate myself and others to what we had here in the heartland with Old Time music. John Hartford was the one that ignited my passion for Ozark style fiddle tunes and I am still grateful for his influence in my musical life. When I started this blog I noticed that many of the noted fiddlers of the previous generation were already gone and only a handful remained to carry on the music. What I discovered was a significant number of people who were keeping the music alive and well and were going to be around a long long time. Two noted bands called it quits this year. In fact, these were my two most favorite bands here in the heartland.Prairie Acre and Mountain Boomers String Band. I sure hated to see it happen but people and circumstances change. Tricia Spencer became engaged to a texas fiddler Howard Rains and the demands of love made them a duo while her tie to Prairie Acre had to end. Tricia is my favorite living fiddler and I have to remind myself she is not dead, just moving on. The Mountain Boomers String Band was a real treat to hear but alas it was only on YouTube and other recorded media that I heard them on, and not live. They were based in Northern Arkansas and I had not been able to go see them there. I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and that you are enjoying the company of good
friends and family.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sorry for no posting.

I realize I have all but abandoned the blog this past month or two. The demands of my job are pretty serious and my stress and fatigue levels have left me with nothing left at days end. I hope to return to posting pretty soon but I want it to be worth your time as well as mine. I hope I can do something sunday. My goals for the blog have just not come close to what I had hoped but I will have to see what transpires this fall. I will say that I can see some real life out there compared to what I saw two years ago.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Time to restart the jam

Summer is now over and it's time to look at restarting the Old Time jam. I'm thinking a couple weeks or so. I will send out emails soon. I'm inviting anyone in our area to join us. So far this has been a real nice jam with some real nice folks. No matter your skill level, you are invited to join in the fun.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Kansas Fiddling and Picking Championships at Lawrence Kansas

Last sunday was the annual Kansas Fiddling and Picking Championships in Lawrence Kansas. As always, it was very hot out and as always, it was sunny and beautiful. The crowd turnout was about normal. There did not seem to be as many food vendors this year. For me it was noticeable that there was no ice cream to be had. Leo Posch was there in spite of having been seriously injured from a bicycle accident. It was good to see him there. There was a jam going on at his area that was pretty good. A lot of folks care about Leo and are pulling for his complete recovery. Leo makes some of the very best guitars anywhere and I'm not exaggerating. He's also one of the nicest guys around. The sound system at the South stage was terrible this year. I had to struggle to hear the flatpickers this year and missed about half of what was played. They need more speakers and they need to turn it UP! This event really made me feel good about living in Kansas. Lawrence is still a small town and the crowd was made up of folks across N.E. Kansas (mostly) that are heartland down home types. I love kansas and it's people. Good people and the land is beautiful. The music was pretty good this year too. I missed some of the contests as I left a couple hours earlier than planned due to the heat. The Jams were really good this year. There seemed to be more of them and there was some real fine playing. I was really glad to see that and I hope that continues next year. I might well join in. All in all it was yet another good year and I want to express my appreciation to all those folks who work so hard at putting this on. Thanks! Check out the photos

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer is over and jamming season is upon us

Not to forget but we need to resume our jamming seeing that the summer is over and vacations are behind us. Let me invite you to our jam in Mission/Prairie Village Ks if you live close enough. I hope we can resume it in a couple weeks or so. We need new members but's an Old Time Fiddle Tunes jam.

Slow blogging soon to be cured.

I have a new post that should be up this week. Sorry I've been so slow here. Serious fatigue issues but they are improving. I just bought a really good camera and hope to provide some videos and photos and not completely depend on others. Last sunday was the Kansas Fiddling and Picking Championships and I will post some picture and comments pretty soon.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tricia Spencer at the Rocky Mountain Old Time Music Festival fiddle contest

Tricia plays Spotted Pony. Does a great job of it. I've been really busy at work and a recent bout of insomnia made posting impossible but I'm doing better so I hope to start posting more regularly. The Kansas State Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin championships are coming up and I will post as much as I can about it. meanwhile...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Farewell to the Dunhams

Ben Dunham contacted me late last year and wanted to know where he could jam with other OT musicians here in KC. Well, things led to things and we started a jam with the first session at Ben and Liz's home near KU Medical Center. We had some really fine jams there and at our other homes. Sadly, Liz has completed her training course here in Kansas City and they have moved far away to the west. On behalf of the other Jam members, we wish them God speed and a safe journey. We will all miss them a great deal.
Not to forget, they had their first child here in KC. Little Hazel is their new daughter and she is such is little angel!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Howard Marshall plays Millers Reel

Howard Marshall recently published book, "Play Me Something Quick And Devilish" is a must read, must have book for those interested in Old Time music here in the heart land. Whether you live in Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas or Missouri you will find this to be an irreplacable resource for understanding the song list you have been playing and the musicians you look back at. Go buy that book! Here, Marshall plays "Millers Reel". The demands of work are hard on this old boy and it means I have not been posting much. Or playing even. I hope that improves soon.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Old Time musician coming to Lawrence ks and is looking to play!

Scott Knickerbocker wrote to ask if there were any jams or folks interested in playing with him this week in Lawrence while he is here for a literature conference. Scott plays in the OT band, HoKum Hi-Flyers based in Boise Id. His bands facebook page is Hokum Hi-Flyers. You can contact him through that or I can pass things on to him via email if you wish.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Norman Blake for the long weekend

I have not posted any Norman in a long long time. He remains my overall favorite picker. Here is an Arkansas related tune for your listening pleasure. I plan on doing some picking this afternoon myself. Got some sleep last night. Much needed rest for these weary old bones that have been working much too hard. Oh well, the Germans say, "Work makes life sweet". Having been unemployed for over two years back in 09-10, I can tell you it's true! At least at bill time!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Tricia Spencer and Jack McGee: Arkansas Hoosier

I had to change jobs this month and have been exhausted. I have been neglecting the blog and to get me started back I decided to share this. Tricia Spencer is just wonderful. Nice playing here. Enjoy and I hope to be back soon.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wild Bill Jones by Jeremy Myers with daughter dancing

It's long past the time a little levity was brought into the blog. Jeremy is a fiddler out of SW Mo. I like his playing here.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stringband Rendezvous at Clinton Lake near Lawrence Ks coming up.

Stringband Rendezvous is coming up soon and it will be a four day event this year. The last couple years have seen bad weather and other challenges and it looks like they intend to rebound big. Well, I hope this year goes well. I will certainly be there. I missed last year. I like this event. If you like to jam and like acoustic music, you will enjoy it. It's kind of a mini Winfield but manageable. Good people put this on and I am real glad they are keeping it going. The economy hurt them for a few years but this year should be good for them if we don't have any bad weather. May 30-June2. Bloomington West Campground, on the west side of Clinton Corps of Engineers Reservoir near Lawrence Ks. The Prairie Acre band will be playing and I most strongly recommend catching them perform!

Compton Ridge Fiddle Camp coming up soon!

The annual Compton Ridge Fiddle Convention is coming up fast. April 16-18th. This is a fine little event and if you fiddle you should consider attending. I can't make it this year...again! Dang it. I'm always broke at tax time. This is in the Branson area. Google it and you will find the info or write me. One qualification. This is not a pure Old Time music event. Very mixed bag musically. Watching the clips on youtube, it makes me think of Winfield.

Nathan McAlister, SW Mo musician.

I have not posted much about Nathan for some months now. There is a reason I forget about him and I will try not to keep doing that. He's a real fine player. Does a real good job of it. Check him out here with some clips he has posted. He plays fiddle as well and is as good on that as the banjo. Real Old Time music. Love his playing.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Next jam in Belton Mo postponed a week.

We just set the next jam for (POSTPONED) at 4 pm at Becky's house in Belton Mo. If your interested in joining us please email me. see address on right hand side of the blog. We have had a few folks come on over and we hope to see them again and maybe some new folks will show up too. If you like Old Time music and want to play it we welcome you to join us. It's been great fun and we like to share the bliss.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lyman Enloe

I have not posted about Lyman Enloe one bit as far as I can recall. I do think he is one of the best fiddlers Missouri ever had come up. Just awful good. I love his playing and will be talking about him more. Enjoy this.

Art Galbraith

I have not said much about Art Galbraith in part because I have not been able to hear enough of him to make some kind of fair appraisal. Recently I have heard enough to say that I do indeed really enjoy his playing. Gordon McCann was his second for many years. Gordon is also my favorite backup player. Here is a little clip I got off YouTube. I sure do enjoy this fine tune and his playing. Art was a southwest Missouri fiddler. Bread and buttered. He passed away some years back. Folks like him are getting a bit thin now. Those with deep roots in the soil and culture of the Ozarks remain but not so many now. Back in the 70's you could still find a fair number of these folks. The good thing is, people have not let the music die. There are some fine fiddlers out there who have carried on this passion and it's in no danger of disappearing. My hope is that we see a real uptick in interest in these old ways of music as the times return to what I expect will be more like hard times.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pa's Fiddle: Tunes played by Laura Engalls Wilder's Father Charles

I had missed this up till now but a very interesting set of CD's were recorded called, "Pa's Fiddle". This is a compilation of the known songs that Charles Engalls played while Laura Engels Wilder was growing up. What is even more interesting than that is the list of musicians who contributed to the effort. Pa's Fiddle Band (Shad Cobb, banjo, fiddle ; Matt Combs, fiddle ; Dennis Crouch, bass ; Matt Flinner, mandolin ; Buddy Greene, harmonica ; Bryan Sutton, guitar ; Jeff Taylor, accordion, pennywhistle piano) ; with Joe Weed, fiddle ; David Grier, guitar ; Derek Jones, bass." You may recognize David Grier and Bryan Sutton as two of the very best guitar pickers...ever. I recognize many of the others as well as very fine musicians of note. Clearly this must a quality recording that I will have to buy later this year. It's available several places. Just google or Bing it. Like I said, I am not a money making enterprise here. My wife thinks I should be but I tell her how disappointed in the amount this humble blog would generate. Nope. This is a labor of love.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ozark Fiddle Tunes book

I was originally going to do a full on review of this book but decided a more concise description will be enough. First, this book has been out for a couple years or so now. It is a must have for Ozark Fiddle music and Old Time music aficionados. Gordon McCann and Drew Beisswenger put this together. It's a compilation of transcriptions of fiddle tunes as played by Ozark fiddlers past and present.Many of those featured were also featured on the Traditional Ozark Fiddling CD that has been out for some years now. (Another must have) For you "seconds" the chords are shown. This was why I finally bought the book. So I could learn to second some of these tunes. You also get a CD with the book as well. This makes it a great deal for those interested in Ozark fiddling and Old Time music. Highly recommended.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Just sayin...

The more I listen to Tricia Spencer's new CD the more I think...she is my favorite living fiddler. Her CD is moving me nearly as much as Hartford's "Hamilton Ironworks" CD.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Book Review:" Play Me Something Quick And Devilish"

I just finished reading Howard Marshall's "Play Me Something Quick And Devilish". This is a newly released book about Missouri Old Time Fiddlers and the music they play. Howard Marshall has long been involved with Old Time Missouri fiddling for many decades now. Due to his personal contact with Missouri fiddlers and with his position as a Professor at The University of Missouri,he was in a particularly good vantage point to both document and to understand the history of Old Time fiddling in Missouri. This is the book we have all wanted and needed for a long time now. I have been wanting to find out more about this topic for some time now and I was pretty sure there was nothing comprehensive out there. Now we have in one book a pretty good overview of Missouri Fiddlers and the tunes they play. Marshall is an academic writer but he keeps it readable for those who are not. His style is a good blend of academic/popular. I like that he has organized his work in an academic manner with footnotes and references that we can use to follow up people and ideas with. Being an academic, he sometimes follows a theme that some might find mostly technical but this does not happen too much for me. He covers just about all the angles here and brings in a few surprises along the way. Marshall reviews the historical trail of fiddlers all through Missouri history including the French through to today. Because there is just about no record of the Spanish period, he does not say much about that but for all the other major periods he does. It was interesting to see that the French influence remains alive in Missouri. Of course, he also covers the "Old Stock Americans","Irish"(Scot Irish) Black,German,Indian,too.One very common background of many of the better known fiddlers were both Scotch Irish with some Indian in their family backgrounds.You would have expected this but Marshall found the Indian infusion an interesting phenomena that he explores at length. Of course,many of the well known fiddlers from the 20th century were examined. The only disappointment was that Roy Woolivar was only mentioned twice. I have been interested in learning more about him ever since I heard John Hartford talk about him on his "Hamilton Ironworks" CD. (See Gene Goforth's "Eminence Breakdown"CD too)I suppose there is a lack of any kind of document trail for him or I would guess that he would have covered him better. Otherwise, I felt like I understood many of these folks better after reading his biographical sketches. He has a very helpful section on the influence of early jazz on Old Time music and explains how rags became part of the typical fiddlers playlist. I found this most interesting. There is a CD included with the book. There are 39 tracks with various fiddlers representing the spectrum of fiddlers across the state.They are, Gene Goforth, Art Galbraith, John Hartford, Cyril Stinnett, Bob Holt, Taylor McBaine, Pete McMahan, Ed Tharp, Fred Stoneking, RP Christeson,Lyman Enloe, Jim Herd, Charlie Walden, Johnny Bruce, Kelly Jones, Jake Hockemeyer, Emmanuel Wood, George Helton, Cleo Persinger, John White, Billy Lee, Bunk Williams, Gary Johnson, Warren Helton, Leroy Canaday, Cliff Bryan,George Morris,Geoff Seitz, Bobby Joe Caldwell, Lloyd Lalumondier,Nile Wilson. I don't know why but he did not include Lonnie Robertson. I think this was a mistake because I regard him as one of the more important Ozark fiddlers.Otherwise, this is a good collection of tunes that help illustrate their playing styles and tunes. Not surprisingly, there is a real jewel of a tune played by Hartford called, "Moselle". I just love that tune and Hartford does it they way he does. Which is real good. So, overall, this is a wonderful book that I strongly recommend you purchase while you can. For many of us this is a long awaited source of information. University Of Missouri Press Book. Below is the author.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Last nights jam in Kansas City

Here is a clip from last nights jam. Not our best tune but not bad. We are getting into a groove now. The best is yet to come. If your interested in attending email me. Email address is on the right hand side of the blog.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Banjo Billy Mathews gravely ill.

Please pray for Billy Mathews. He is gravely ill at a hospital in Champaign Illinois. He is a wonderful person and a wonderful Old Time musician. UPDATE THURSDAY: BILLY JUST DID REAL WELL AND HAS BEEN RELEASED FROM THE HOSPITAL. THIS IS GREAT NEWS. I HOPE YOU HAVE A FULL RECOVERY BILLY. AMAZING TURN AROUND!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another Book Review Coming

I will soon be doing another book review, perhaps this weekend on the McCann Beisswenger book, "Ozark Fiddle Music" I can already tell you that this is a must have book for those interested in Ozark Fiddle music/Old Time music. While I don't fiddle, the music does have chords shown which is enough for me right now. I will post the review here as an update and not as a new post. I will probably review this book first and the other book later after I read it all.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tricia Spencer's CD "Fiddlin' Like There's No Tomorrow"

Monday I stopped by the Music/Instrument Shop where Tricia Spencer works as a luthier and while buying some of her old "Old Time Heralds" I thought to buy her CD as well. I had heard the samples and I knew I would enjoy having it but when I placed the CD in my car's player I was seriously impressed with the beauty of this work. I hesitate to comment on skill levels and my perceived impressions of anyone that I comment on other than that I really like what they do. However, because Tricia has pointedly commented that she has progressed musically over the past several years, then I feel free to say that I could see and hear that from my end. Clearly she has made some significant progressions in her playing and style and the fruit of those labors and passions are revealed in her new CD. I have always enjoyed her wonderful playing for some years but now I can say that she is now one of my favorites as a fiddler. I find her playing just beautiful and smooth. (I am not using smooth in the technical sense of her being a Little Dixie stylist either. Just smooth. I am not knowledgeable enough to really peg anyone's regional style anyway. Not yet anyway. I played this CD on my way home to Mission from Lawrence and I found myself avoiding just skipping ahead on songs that I might not just normally take to. Instead I found myself enjoying songs I would normally not find that interesting. I attribute this to her fine musicianship and playing that I found irresistible. Clearly, I really like this CD and I strongly recommend it to you. I hope you buy this one. You will not be sorry. Tricia embodies the fine musicianship found in Lawrence' Old Time music community. Here in the KC, Topeka, Lawrence Ks region, we enjoy some fine musicians who interpret the old tunes wonderfully. We are not suffering here because we are not currently living in the Ozarks or the Appalachians when it comes to fine fiddle music. You can buy her CD at her shop in Lawrence (Beautiful Music Violin Shop 925 Iowa, Lawrence ks.) Here is her website for the CD You can also find her CD on Amazon and CD Baby and other vendors. Go buy this one.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

New book review coming soon

I finally bought Howard Marshall's book on Missouri Fiddling, "Play me Something Quick and Devilish" I am working on it now and will offer a review immediately after finishing it. I can say that you for sure can regard this book as a must have resource for Missouri fiddling and music. I bought my copy through Amazon and it seems to be cheaper there. I am bothered by the artificial nature of State boundaries and the Arkansas fiddling is not part of that topical coverage. I think there needs to be a book that covers both states. I don't own Gordon McCann and Drew Beisswenger's book on Ozarks Fiddle Music but I soon will and perhaps that covers the ground well enough. I will report on that one too when I get it. UPDATE, MONDAY: I am nearly done reading this wonderful book and will give a review very soon.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jam again tonight

Our next jam is tonight. I will try to record some video this time so I can post it. There is some fine pickin going on! This is our third session. We have been having it at folks homes which is kind of nice. I am resistant to changing that.But if it gets much bigger we will have to look at alternatives. I think we will try it outdoors later this year. My driveway and garage would work good for that if I organized it better. If your interested in the jam please write me via the email address I give on the front upper right hand side. We are having this every two weeks. It's getting addicting. UPDATE: THE JAM WENT GREAT LAST NIGHT. WE HAD TWO NEW FACES AND THINGS WENT VERY WELL WITH SOME REAL FINE PLAYING. IF YOUR INTERESTED IN JOINING IN PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR INFO. THE NEXT SESSION WILL BE ON FEB 23. (SAT) UNFORTUNATELY, I FORGOT MY CAMERA AND CAN'T POST ANYTHING. NEXT TIME..

Friday, February 1, 2013

Liz Amos and Bob Holt playing Polk County Breakdown

I found this on Liz Amos' facebook and had to pass this along. Shoot, I lived in nearby Wright County in the day just a few miles from Bob and knew nothing about him. Jeez! I also spent two years in Polk County in college. Yup, been there done that.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

McClurg Jam in 1988

Ed Fillmer has these wonderful clips on his youtube site. Here is a good one your going to like. This jam still goes on!

Bob Holt at Fiddle Camp on the Eleven Point River

Angie Lennie posted this on facebook and this was so special I had to share it here. UPDATE: THERE IS SOME QUESTION IF THE RIVER IS THE ELEVEN POINT OR THE NORTH FORK OF THE WHITE. REVISION OF TITLE POSSIBLE SOON!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Booth Shot Lincoln

Mike Parks just posted a clip of him playing this tune which was the first time I have heard this one. I really like this tune. I am going to try to learn this one and perhaps our jam can pick this one up? Here is a nice rendition I found on YouTube. Here are the lyrics Wilkes Booth came to Washington, an actor great was he, He played at Ford's Theater, and Lincoln went to see; It was in early April, not many weeks ago, The people of this fair city all gathered at the show. The war it is all over, the people happy now, And Abraham Lincoln arose to make his bow; The people cheer him wildly, arising to their feet, And Lincoln waving of his hand, he calmly takes his seat. And while he sees the play go on, his thoughts are running deep, His darling wife, close by his side, has fallen fast asleep; From the box there hangs a flag, it is not the Stars and Bars, The flag that holds within its folds bright gleaming Stripes and Stars. J. Wilkes Booth he moves down the aisle, he had measured once before, He passes Lincoln's bodyguard a-nodding at the door; He holds a dagger in his right hand, a pistol in his left, He shoots poor Lincoln in the temple, and sends his soul to rest. The wife awakes from slumber, and screams in her rage, Booth jumps over the railing, and lands him on the stage; He'll rue the day, he'll rue the hour, as God him life shall give, When Booth stood in the center stage, crying, 'Tyrants shall not live!' The people all excited then, cried everyone, 'A hand!' Cried all the people near, 'For God's sake, save that man!' Then Booth ran back with boot and spur across the back stage floor, He mounts that trusty claybank mare, all saddled at the door. J. Wilkes Booth, in his last play, all dressed in broadcloth deep, He gallops down the alleyway, I hear those horses feet; Poor Lincoln then was heard to say, and all has gone to rest, 'Of all the actors in this town, I loved Wilkes Booth the best.' Here is the music that I could find
Here is Mike Parks playing it on Mandolin. I always love to hear him play. Mike lives down in Arkansas.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Kansas City Jam a great success!

We gathered for the first time last night and I am happy to report we have a great group of people who can play Old Time music very well...except for me. I have really gotten rusty but I am now inspired again and think I can get up to speed pretty quickly. If your serious about playing OT music and are interested please email me and we would welcome your attendance. Let me restate. Only Old Time music. Nothing else. Our next jam will be in two weeks. This kind of thing just puts the cherry on the cake for me. I had gotten a bit discouraged with my playing and nearly gave up but this just fired me right up again. Here are a few pictures of some of the fine folks that joined us for some great music. It was a great time! Thanks to all for coming and it sure was good meeting you all!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

First night for a new Jam. Old Time jam returns to the KC Metro

Tonight we have our first jam. It's been two years since I ended my last attempt. This time I will not "own" the jam. Others will have to either do that or share in the effort. I am happy to be a facilitator and partial sponsor for the time being. I will report back later about the experience and of course have pictures. If your reading this and are interested in the jam, stand by for further developments. If this works, and I hope it does, it will become permanent and then we will want others to join us too. It looks like we could really use a fiddler. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hal Sappington CD, DVD, Book

A couple years ago I posted a video clip of Hal Sappington playing at the regular jam at the Warrensburg Library OT jam. Recently, I was informed that a CD, DVD and Book were available featuring Hal Sappington and friends. It's titled, Old TIme Fiddling: Hal Sappington, Missouri Fiddler, by R.M. Kinder and Kristine Lowe Martin. from the Johnson County Historical Society Press. According to the author,"The book chronicles Hal's life, and the groups he has played with over the years. It shows how he grew up knowing many of the tunes from the time he was born." It's available from, Lisa Irle, Curator Johnson County Historical Society 302 North Main St. Warrensburg, MO 64093 The book and DVD is $25 and a CD Hal Sappington made is also available for $10. Howard Marshall provides a good review of the CD in the Missouri Folklore Society Newsletter. Do yourself a favor and go read. MoFolklore

The Indian Creek Delta Boys

Due to the recent passing of Garry Harrison as noted in an earlier posting, I have decided to expand my blog coverage to include Illinois. From now on I will be looking at Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Illinois. Of course, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Iowa will sneak in from time to time but only incidentally. I will cast my net a bit further from now on. One slight caveat. I won't cover the Chicago area at all.That should be done by someone there. And maybe it is. It's a sad fact that I had heard about the Indian Creek Delta Boys from Garry's brother Steve but I simply did not realize just how wonderful a group they were or the good work they did until after finally hearing them after Garry's passing. Being from northern Illinois originally and not having lived there since 1973, I had not heard of them even though I became a fan of Bluegrass music in 72. At any rate, The following article provides an overview of the groups history and beginnings. I will not try to restate it for you but you can read it yourself there. The purpose of this article is to announce the offering of a CD of recordings by this group. The proceeds of this CD will be applied to The Garry Harrison Scholarship Fund. These scholarships are to help two players to attend upcoming workshops where Illinois Old Time music will be taught.A worthy cause in my estimation. Garry Harrison did a lot of work in trying to preserve the history and tunes of old Illinois and this will help keep what he did moving forward for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.
Garry Harrison
The CD can be ordered from here Please follow the link to the article for more information on this group. Indian Creek Delta Boys I'm always broke this time of year but I'm going to buy this one soon. I hope many of you will consider buying it too. If for no other reason than it's good Old Timey music. Here is one clip I found and a fairly old one of them playing in Libertyville Ill. This last clip features Garry on the fiddle. I must say, I reallllly like his fiddling. A lot.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our first jam will be Jan 12. I am looking forward to playing again. This is long overdue. Right now, it's not wide open to everyone. I think we want to see how this goes. The hope is that we can get something going. Later, I hope we can build something more inclusive but I do believe that any OT jam has to have it understood that OT is whats getting played and no Jimi Hendrix. It seems obvious but you would be amazed. What could be better than playing music with fellow OT enthusiasts?! I am excited.

June Apple

June Apple is one of my favorite tunes. I first heard it on Simeon Magby's CD that I bought in Mountain View Arkansas some years back. I still actually prefer his version and the clawhammer banjo player on that track just nails it for me. In the following video clip this lady plays it very similarly. I will share with you several clips to showcase the song. I really want to include this tune in the upcoming jam (hint hint). This is an Old Timey tune that is upbeat and cheery. I could not find a heartland regional clip so I am using what I can find from wherever it is. I posted this clip back in the beginning of the blog and it's a good cover of the tune. For you fellow flatpickers, here is a version for you. I really like the fiddle work here. The backup is not to my preference. Seems out of synch with the tune to me. Just saying. Finally, here is a version on Mandolin. Some sources call this an old Scottish Reel. Tommy Jarrell was noted to play this one. Here is a tab on scorch for June Apple. It requires you add Scorch to your browser. Its very safe and a great resource. Fear not. Here are some lyrics for the tune. There could well be variants and probably are. June Apple June Apple Wish I was a june apple Hanging on a tree Everytime my true love pass Take a bite of me Take a bite of me my love Take a bite of me Everytime my true love pass take a bite of me. You ride the old grey mare I'll ride the roan You get there before I do Leave my gal alone Train on the island Heard that whistle blow Thought I heard my true love say Yonder comes my beau Going 'cross the mountain I'm going in a swing And when I get to the other side I'll hear my true love sing. Don't you hear that banjo sing I wish that gal was mine Can't you hear that banjo sing I wish that gal was mine. Charlie he's a nice young man Charlie he's a dandy Charlie he's a nice young man Feeds the girls on candy. Goin down to the river to feed my sheep Going down to the river Charlie Going down to the river to feed my sheep Feed them on Barley. And finally, here is some sheet music with chords for your use.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Interesting story about Dulcimers in Missouri

Nice little story about Donald Graves out of Lebanon Mo. and dulcimers. watch and be blessed.