McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Monday, December 31, 2012

Retrospective of loss; Garry Harrison and Jim Lansford

I was listening to the radio while waiting for my wife to get out of a store this afternoon when I caught a mention of a Garry Harrison and what a wonderful Old Time music song writer he was as well as really nice man. It was on NPR and they mentioned that he had passed away this year. They played a couple of his tunes (samples) and I was really impressed with what I heard. How could I not know more about him? Garry lived in Illinois and is the brother of one of my facebook friends. This is another example of my becoming aware of someone too late. John Hartford really only got to me after he passed away. I hate this when this happens. So, my old home state of Illinois was the same place Garry Harrison and his brother and others played some really excellent old time music. And I did not know.
Garry's daughter is also seen in this photo. Here he is playing fiddle at the Indiana Fiddlers Gathering earlier this year. (2012) It's sad to see them pass on. Another sad loss was that of Jim Lansford. I only got to see him perform once, live. He and his wife came to the violin shop in Merriam Ks to perform for folks under the auspices of the Missouri Valley Folklife group. I was struck by how softly and deftly Jim fiddled or played the guitar seemingly effortlessly. I recognized that he was a master musician and knew what he was doing. Sadly, he passed away recently leaving a big hole in our hearts for him and his music. Where would we be if folks like Garry Harrison and Jim Lansford did not leave such a rich legacy for us to enjoy and appreciate? Rest assured they will not be forgotten. I will continue to post about both of them this coming year. Each one will be featured with their discographys and what ever else I can discover.

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