McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Monday, October 15, 2012

Slow blogging / politics

Sorry to be so slow here lately. I just have not had the inspiration these last couple weeks. Just a reminder that I don't do politics here ever. We are united in our love for music and specifically Old Time Music. Some of you know me from Facebook and it's there that I speak out. We all have our opinions. I still hope that we can all keep things in check when it comes to how politics affect how we all relate to each other. Things have gotten pretty sour with some people and feelings are running high with negative appraisals of the other side getting more venomous and hurtful. Just not here between you and me. Lets remember that between us politics is just another topic and not the one were here to share. Be kind to others and remember were all just people with shared dreams and hopes.


  1. I hope my opinions have not swayed you on my facebook to block me out, I try not to be too political but I sometimes cant help myself to stay away from discussion. I am open minded and am willing to listen to anyone. However, my opinions are pretty concrete so a change would require some serious evidence. :)


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