Friday, September 28, 2012

Random Musings

Joe Newberry won at IBMA for his song, "Singing As We Rise". Best Gospel song. Congratulations Joe! My frustration at improving my own playing caused me to just about completely stop playing for several months. I have said this before but I am resolved to get back at it again. It's terrible when you spend years struggling and your playing does not improve much. Starting the quest to play an instrument in your fifties is much harder than if your younger. The business of music continues to be a challenge to those who actually get paid to play. Especially in OT and Bluegrass. Gigs are still hard to come by from what I hear. The venues that died have not returned. Banjo Billy Mathews has a new deal where for a very very modest monthly fee you get to download tunes and have access to other benefits. I will post details on this later. I continue to discover new people and players. Trust me. You are not alone out there my Old Time friends.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

St Louis OT

St Louis Old Time music well played. I only just became aware of Roger Netherton this year. Nice player and great accompanists too!

McClurg jam video clip

I've kind of neglected things here so here is a nice clip from the McClurg jam. Enjoy.