McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Angeline the Baker played OT and Bluegrass

Lets look at this Stephen Foster tune, shall we? Written in 1850 I believe. It qualifies as an OT song. It's one of my favorites to play. I did not worry so much about who was playing this tune today but wanted to just talk about how different OT and Bluegrass is OR is NOT that different when it comes to OT songs. The first clip is an example of strong OT musicianship. Now lets look at some bluegrassers doing the song. The most obvious difference is the banjo style. First one is clawhammer, the second is three finger style. Simple to figure this out. The use of a Dobro is the other change. Now, here is a classic example of OT again on the banjo. Not much differnce between all of them really. That's why I try not to draw too sharp a line between Bluegrass and Old Timey here. I can tell you that in the Ozarks especially, the lines get blurred a lot with most folks playing Bluegrass first and OT more of a second interest. Here in the Kansas City area the lines are not as blurred. The OT folks tend to stick to OT and the Bluegrass folks tend to stick to BG with a little crossover from time to time. Now, here in this clip you have the fiddler jazz it up a bit. Still, he stays close to the melody but has his little moment of improv which some people seem to love. I am less fond of that as I go on. I could have found and used some other clips that had BG folks going nuts but that would be less common. Just sayin...

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