McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Sunday, May 13, 2012

"The only gal I ever loved was down in Arkansas"

I have been remiss in not posting about ballad singers. There don't seem to be anyone doing this anymore and I think the ozarkian culture has pretty much forgotten this ancient folk art of ballad singing. There may be a small handful still trying it but I don't thing there are anyone doing it who grew up doing it having learned it from their elders and neighbors. I hope I'm wrong about this. Maybe there is some small hollow out there in Arkansas where folks have always been there and still do this but unknown to the rest of the world? I can hope so but I doubt it. So much has changed, hasn't it?! You can see the album it comes from which I was not aware of but will have to get. I wonder if it's still available? These were Alan Lomax recordings. I will try to do an update when I find out more about these recordings.

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