McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Joe Newberry, Missouri born and bred

I have not posted about Joe Newberry yet because I had not been thinking of him in the context of our region but I remembered that he was born and raised in Missouri. In fact, we are good friends with his cousin. He lives in North Carolina and has for some time I think. He is an awesome musician that plays with Mike Compton, my favorite mandolin player period. So I think he merits a mention here. My earlier posts pointed out that he is playing in St Louis tomorrow night. Go see him. It will be a special treat. Update. Let me be clear, I am a big fan of Joe Newberry. He says he is coming to perform in KC this Fall. More updates on that later. I am excited to be able to see him perform. UPDATE 7-5-12 JOE IS COMING TO KC FOR A WORKSHOP ONLY. NO PERFORMANCE! HOWEVER, I WILL PROBABLY GET TO MEET HIM. MORE LATER.

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