McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


It's not lost on me how ironic the role of the internet is in building community and expanding horizons and networks in Old Time Music. The goal of this blog was to search out and discover what was out there and to share this with you, my dear readers. It has been a fascinating journey and I have found out a great deal about what and who is out there. I continue to keep finding new folks in our broader region and I give credit to FaceBook for much of it. This is a community with many viewpoints. Some are Bluegrassers who also are into a little Old Time and then there are the hard core Old Time people that won't touch Bluegrass with a ten foot pole. There is a lot of ground in between. Some are liberals, some are quite conservative, some are counterculture types and others are traditional conventional folks. I think most of us try hard to keep the focus on the music we love. I think were still trying to avoid the lines drawn in the sand over outside issues but it's getting a bit harder to do given the climate. I hope you ponder this and perhaps you will gather yourself up for more paitence and acceptance of others as we share this great cultural pearl of great price. I recently discovered that folks with a different point of view can be much more accepting and mature than you might have assumed. I think mutual respect and simple human decency can carry us far. These are hard times. Community is more important than ever.

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