McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stringband Rendezvous at Clinton Lake near Lawrence Ks

It's nearly that time again for Stringband Rendezvous at a campground at Clinton Lake just a couple miles from Lawrence Kansas. the dates are May 18,19,20th. This apparently will be one of those years where there are not that many bands playing. Recent past years have seen a much larger band participation. There seems to be a down trend. I hope whatever is causing that turns around. This is a worthy event to attend. For one thing, it's not just about watching bands perform. There is some pretty good jamming that goes on with some really fine musicians joining in. As for me, I don't think I will try to spend the night this year but I will be sure to attend this year. Be sure to sign up to volunteer or if not be ready to contribute ten bucks a day or $25 all weekend or $20 for Saturday and Sunday. This is being done out of the dedication of Garry Bury and I know he is not exactly getting rich off this. I am sure it's quite the opposite. Be sure and visit the website for all the information you will need to find the place and for everything else. Stringband Rendezvous Now, as to OT content, I cannot say exactly as the usual OT bands are not playing this year. One group you will want to see (I do is Three Trails West, the group Garry Bury is in. This is cowboy/western music and I enjoy that alot. After all this is Kansas! We have to bend the OT category a bit that direction you know. I hope I see you there. I plan on going Saturday. Lets hope it does not rain!

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