McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bob Minner, flatpicker

I don't know why but I only recently discovered Bob Minner. I was vaguely aware of him but had never really focused on him until recently. He is a very fine flatpicker that I enjoy. Bob and I share the Reformed Christian faith which delights me. He seems to play a lot of Bourgeois guitars and these are indeed wonderful instruments. I said some months ago I would post more flatpicking guitar work and so, here it is. In recent years, the virtuosity of these highly accomplished musicians led them to ornament the tunes up a bit beyond the traditional versions of the old fiddle tunes. You can't blame these folks for "jazzing" up the tunes to make them more interesting to play. So, this will often lead them a bit off the hard core OT track. Even Doc Watson has gone down that road. Often, these great flatpickers will start out the tune keeping fairly close to the traditional arrangement and later take off on looser improvisations. You may or may not appreciate this. For me, it depends on how close they stick to the melody and just how loose it gets. When they cut away from the melody too far and it becomes a kind of noise, I am lost. I look for a strong melody in all music. I just may go flatpicking posting crazy today. We will see. Here is Bob Minner who now lives in Tennessee but is from Missouri. His Missouri roots gets a special consideration for posting on here. See what you think. I put him in the upper crust of flatpickers out there. I had seen this clip of him playing "Ole Hoss", Doc's old guitar long ago. He makes it sing. This last one is a demonstration of his new JOM from Bourgious which I think just "rings like a bell". Just a super sounding guitar and looks great. (I have no connection to the maker nor do I profit from it) IF YOUR TRYING TO FIGURE WHICH TUNE TO LISTEN TO AND DON'T WANT TO LISTEN TO THEM ALL, THIS IS THE MOST TRADITIONAL ARRANGEMENT.

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