McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Are you a music person?"

Bill Crahan asked me this question, or rather, had been asking it of himself about me as we were in the midst of a lesson some years ago. I was struggling just learning chords and while I had lots of enthusiasm, my abilities were rather modest and the question here was, did I speak the language of music and did I hear it like a "music person" does. I have tried hard to answer that question over the years. Bill said he did not know. Having once been through extensive psychological evaluation for an occupation I no longer follow, I eventually put some thoughts together about this. For me it will be "yes" and "no". I am not a classic "music person" like so many musicians I know who have the sound within them. For me the sound comes from without. In that way I am not like them. I lack creativity. I would like to be creative but alas, I am not. I do know, the music lives within me strongly. It's a part, a big part, of the language of my life. Apart from music I would be like a person lacking the ability to understand the world in the same way a blind man cannot see or a deaf person cannot hear. I do believe that part of the problem I have is that I never learned the "language" and as I progress in my attempts to play, I begin to catch on more and more. I believe it's true that you can learn much of what it takes to become a "Music Person". Probably not all but much. So now, I'm asking you. Are you a music person?

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