Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Are you a music person?"

Bill Crahan asked me this question, or rather, had been asking it of himself about me as we were in the midst of a lesson some years ago. I was struggling just learning chords and while I had lots of enthusiasm, my abilities were rather modest and the question here was, did I speak the language of music and did I hear it like a "music person" does. I have tried hard to answer that question over the years. Bill said he did not know. Having once been through extensive psychological evaluation for an occupation I no longer follow, I eventually put some thoughts together about this. For me it will be "yes" and "no". I am not a classic "music person" like so many musicians I know who have the sound within them. For me the sound comes from without. In that way I am not like them. I lack creativity. I would like to be creative but alas, I am not. I do know, the music lives within me strongly. It's a part, a big part, of the language of my life. Apart from music I would be like a person lacking the ability to understand the world in the same way a blind man cannot see or a deaf person cannot hear. I do believe that part of the problem I have is that I never learned the "language" and as I progress in my attempts to play, I begin to catch on more and more. I believe it's true that you can learn much of what it takes to become a "Music Person". Probably not all but much. So now, I'm asking you. Are you a music person?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Fire Fest?

I had not heard of this event. New Haven Mo. Hmmm. I will check this out.

Some nice banjo pickin over in Morgan County Mo.

I enjoy a nice banjo played like this. I can't much enjoy that Scruggs style as much anymore as it's far too loud for me now. (I do mourn the passing of Earl Scruggs though)

Dog Treed a Possum up a White Oak Tree.

I really like this tune and stumbled on this when I thought I was done for the night. Banjo Billy Mathews was in this group. The YouTube clip explains where and when. I am going to absolutely learn this tune this weekend. Right after I fix my rear brakes and visit the Father in law in the nursing home.

More St Louis OT

I was trolling for some St Louis stuff this evening and hit a rich vein. I really like this tune a lot. I don't know anything about the folks playing here and I tried to find out more. Nice playing.

Interesting documentary on St Louis OT musician

Here is a short piece on Ryan Spearman who I had not heard of yet. Check it out.

Shout Lulu by "The Lulu's"

I stumbled on this clip by a St Louis area group. I like it just fine. I hope you enjoy it too. I enjoyed this so much I went looking for more and here is another piece I like a lot too. They have a nice spirit don't you think. More St Louis Old Time goodness.

Cyril Stinnett photo

I stole this photo off Charlie Walden's FaceBook page a few days ago and am posting it for your benefit. As you know, Cyril rates high in my book as a fiddler.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Events page

I set up the events page a while back but have not done anything with it. Well, it's time I did. Later this week I hope to organize it better, There is one Bluegrass event posted now. I don't mind posting BG events there but I am unsure about the main page. Like I say, I will include a little Bluegrass content here on occasion. I just love the stuff, what can I say?! So be sure to check it out on occasion. I do plan to make a number of posts this week on upcoming events. Some good ones are coming soon.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stringband Rendezvous 2012 May, 18,19,20

It's soon time for Stringband Rendezvous at Clinton Lake near Lawrence Kansas this May 18,19,20. The link will take you to their site. I missed last year but will definitely go this year. I may not camp out but have not made up my mind. This is a wonderful event to attend. It's strictly NOT commercial, there are no vendors and it's about the music. The after concert jams are amazing and some really good musicians attend and play. So far only two bands are signed up. Usually many more play. I hope I see you all there! Stringband Rendezvous Check out the website for more information.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Betse Ellis again. In the spirit of Hartford Old Time

I like Old Time done in the same spirit that John Hartford had. Of course, it's slightly off the traditional manner but really not by much as far as I'm concerned. They are having fun. I stole this from Betse's FaceBook page. I kind a liked her singing too! Music is about fun and good times and they are having it here. Betse reports her bliss playing the tune with these fellows that I do not know. She is a gem and she lives in Kansas City. Lucky lucky us. Really, I mean that. Keep it going Betse!