McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Friday, February 17, 2012

McClurg jam 1998

I stole this video from Jeremy Myers who got it from a friend. This is from the McClurg jam in 1998. Bob Holt, Alvie Doom can be seen, that I can identify. Not sure about others. Nice nice tune! I love it. Liz Amos is listed on the clip title. To think that I lived in Norwood just up the road from old Bob Holt and Alvie Dooms and had no idea about it! Jehosaphat! Enjoy! Thanks Jeremy Myers. Oh, by the way. This is the real deal. Don't ya know!

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  1. The only folks I could recognize are Bob Holt, Alvie Dooms, Hugh Strawn (on my FB friends list), and JR Johnson. I believe also I saw Gordon Peacock, and of course Ailene Adams, the Host of this jam.

    The tunes are first, Goodbye Girls I'm Going to Boston, and second Johnny Bring the Jug Around the Hill (aka, Johnny Fetch the Jug).


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