McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Monday, February 6, 2012

Betse Ellis

I reviewed Betse Ellis' 09 CD release back in the first year of this blog. I consider her a killer fiddler and remarkable performer. I did not like parts of her CD but there were three solid OT tunes that I really enjoyed. It's not that she did a bad job. No, it was just that some of the tunes were not OT and just outside my interest. I presume you know that she is the fiddler for the well known group, "The Wilders". I have not been able to catch the Wilders for a few years now and have not been very current on Betse Ellis and her playing. She still lives in the Kansas City metro area and teaches fiddle when not performing or touring. She is a very talented and skilled player that I enjoy very much and have been remiss in talking about her so little. I also need to speak about The Wilders more than I have as well. They, like Betse are not exclusively OT but when they do they just kill it. Here is Betse at a local venue this last fall. Here she is playing "White River", one of my favorites. Does a great job on it too. Really really fine job. I just love it. Of course, it's Betse's call but the next CD, I hope she does it just Old Timey. She is a wonderful musician and someone worthy of your time and attention. Buy her CD. See her play if you can. I will make an effort to do so myself. She will be playing at Davey's Uptown Ramblers club on broadway, in KC on Feb 16th. Check it out

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