Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another clip from the McClurg Jam with Bob Holt and Liz Amos playing.

Thanks to Jeremy Myers who got it from a friend. Whoever that is. Maybe Liz Amos?

Jonathan Trawick, Fiddlin Arkansas

I stumbled onto Jonathan Trawick online a few years ago and I am so glad I did. I have yet to meet him in person yet but I fully expect to someday. He is a really nice young man in Arkansas doing his best to promote and play Old Timey music. I am no expert on him but what I do know is, he plays guitar (Gibson) as a backup for fiddlers and bands and teaches same. If your looking for instruction, he is someone you should consider. I believe he does them in person as well as Skype. Here he is from an interview on Public Television in Little Rock. Here he is playing with Dale Morris Jr. Here is another from the same concert. Texas style I would say. Not my favorite style that btw but good all the same. I don't post much Texas style here. Get it while you can. His website is "Fiddlin Arkansas" Go check it out. http://www.fiddlinarkansas.com/home.cfm

Tricia Spencer fiddler for The Prairie Acre band is recording a CD

Tricia Spencer, fiddler with The Prairie Acre band, a well known Lawrence Kansas Old Time group, is recording a CD and it's due to be released in june. Of course, we will all want a copy won't we! I certainly will be buying one. Here is a link to her page on Kickstarter which is an effort to raise the funds to be able to do this project. Donate if you can. If you donate at least $20 you receive a CD. No, it's not a bargain per se but you get to help a very deserving musician. Otherwise, wait till it's out and buy it. Here is the Kickstart site. Visit and check it out. Donate! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/339184244/tricia-spencer-midwest-fiddler-recording-first-sol

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bob Walters

I have been listening to Bob Walters the well known (at least among the fiddlers) fiddler from Nebraska, and realized how much I liked him. Some of his recordings have terrible quality to them and they sound harsh but this time I found myself really enjoying his playing a great deal. I would encourage you to check him out and see what I am talking about. If you have been reading this blog long, I came close to visiting his gravesite in Nebraska a couple years ago but the camera quit working and I ran out of time on that road trip and could not make it. One day, I hope to. I will try to post more about him in the future. One point I want to make is how I have discovered...or realized how evolutionary my tastes and ears are when it comes to fiddlers and recordings. My early introduction to Walters found me lacking in real enjoyment. I could see that he was a highly skilled player but I did not really care for his work. Now it seems I do. Does this happen to you too?

Ray Curbow on the fiddle

Ray Curbow is a missouri ozark fiddler you can hear on the excellent "Traditional Fiddle music of the Ozarks" CD's. This is the first video I have seen of him. I swiped this from a facebook friend who posted it. Enjoy! If I can find out more about him, I will update this later. Oh, and that's BH Tate on the guitar and doing a fine job backing Mr Curbow up.

Friday, February 17, 2012

McClurg jam 1998

I stole this video from Jeremy Myers who got it from a friend. This is from the McClurg jam in 1998. Bob Holt, Alvie Doom can be seen, that I can identify. Not sure about others. Nice nice tune! I love it. Liz Amos is listed on the clip title. To think that I lived in Norwood just up the road from old Bob Holt and Alvie Dooms and had no idea about it! Jehosaphat! Enjoy! Thanks Jeremy Myers. Oh, by the way. This is the real deal. Don't ya know!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Betse Ellis

I reviewed Betse Ellis' 09 CD release back in the first year of this blog. I consider her a killer fiddler and remarkable performer. I did not like parts of her CD but there were three solid OT tunes that I really enjoyed. It's not that she did a bad job. No, it was just that some of the tunes were not OT and just outside my interest. I presume you know that she is the fiddler for the well known group, "The Wilders". I have not been able to catch the Wilders for a few years now and have not been very current on Betse Ellis and her playing. She still lives in the Kansas City metro area and teaches fiddle when not performing or touring. She is a very talented and skilled player that I enjoy very much and have been remiss in talking about her so little. I also need to speak about The Wilders more than I have as well. They, like Betse are not exclusively OT but when they do they just kill it. Here is Betse at a local venue this last fall. Here she is playing "White River", one of my favorites. Does a great job on it too. Really really fine job. I just love it. Of course, it's Betse's call but the next CD, I hope she does it just Old Timey. She is a wonderful musician and someone worthy of your time and attention. Buy her CD. See her play if you can. I will make an effort to do so myself. She will be playing at Davey's Uptown Ramblers club on broadway, in KC on Feb 16th. Check it out

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dr. Smith's Champion Hoss Hair Pullers

Dr. Smiths Champion Hoss Hair Pullers were a group based around Calico Rock Arkansas back in the twenties. The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture has an article about these folks you should read. http://encyclopediaofarkansas.net/encyclopedia/entry-detail.aspx?search=1&entryID=3724 I am trying to be more sensitive to others copyrights and credit so I am referring you directly to them. This is "Going Down The River" I have to get down to Calico Rock soon Beautiful place.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Trustin Baker on the fiddle. Junior Marriot seconds. Pure bliss

From time to time I see something like this that just fills my heart with wonder and bliss. Seeing this young man fiddle with such skill and being accompanied by Junior Marriot on that old guitar made my day. The young man on the fiddle is Trustin Baker. I will be sure to post more about him now that I know about him. Folks, this is what flips my dipper, as the little woman says. I know the legacy will go on. Here is one young un who will carry that torch. In the year 2100, White River and Wolves a Howlin will still be played in Douglas Co. Mo.