McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Roy McClure of Independence Mo

I finally got to meet Roy McClure recently at an event at the Shawnee Mission Indian Historical Site in Fairway ks. I had become his facebook friend some months ago. Maybe a year ago or more. I forget. Roy's thing is historical reenacting and banjo's. He often sets up his sutlers tent or fly and demonstrates old time frailing or clawhammer banjo playing as well as offering handmade banjos. Interestingly, he makes gourd banjos, fretted and non fretted. They sound much more subdued than a Bluegrass type instrument and are really pretty sweet. He also makes a nice basic Old Time banjo as well and his pricing is very reasonable. If I ever decide to take that banjo plunge (I can't ever get the guitar thing down enough as it is), I would buy my first from Roy. If your like me your very likely to run into him if you go to Missouri Town at Lake Jacomo, or Reenactments at Lone Jack Mo, or Hodge Park's historical village up in north town. He will be wearing a top hat and period clothing from the 1850's and playing a banjo with kids likely surrounding him. He does not have a website but he does have a facebook page. Just type his name in. If you want a gourd banjo or simple OT type of banjo, check his out! Roy is a delightful fellow and you will enjoy meeting him. He enjoys discussing the banjo and it's history and how to make them. I think he has a great way to enjoy his retirement and to enrich our community here in the greater KC metro. Next time your at a Civil War reenactment near KC or some historical event with any kind of demonstrators or folks with a 'booth' or tents, you just might find him. Stop and say howdy. You will be glad you did. I was.

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