Sunday, September 25, 2011

Arkansas Pickin and Fiddlin Championships

Heads up! The Arkansas Pickin and Fiddlin championships are coming up Oct 8th & 9th. This includes the flatpicking guitar, mandolin, banjo and fiddle, Roots band and guitar accompanist. This will be held at Wildwood Park in Little Rock Arkansas.

Sandy River Belle

Nice effort by Martin Whitehead. Martin lives in my area of the world over in Missouri.

Spencer Deal, Jesse James.

I met Spencer at the Battle of Lexington reenactment a couple weeks ago and tried to play on his four string guitar with him and Martin Whitehead at the "old campground". Sorry to say I was pitiful. Gave up after a bit. Should a brought the guitar after all. Spencer is from NW Arkansas. Pea Ridge I believe.

Southern Missouri Stringband, Hookers Hornpipe

Jeremy Myers, Emily Dowden-Estes, and the unknown guitar player.....Jeremy! Credits should be given! When I find out his name I will list!

Yiannis Gourgourelas, greek flatpicker

Yiannis is one of my favorite flatpickers and hails from Greece. Not very common to find this in Greece. Of course, Bluegrass does have a presence in Europe but not so much in Greece. He is a fantastic player you ought to know about

Black Mountain Rag Cattle in the Cane

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Civil War reenactment, and some OT tunes. My weekend

I attended the Civil War reenactment at Lexington Mo. for the "Battle of Lexington" otherwise known as the "Battle of the Hemp Bales" (yes, it was marijauna)
The men and women reenactors did a fabulous job and the "battle" was spectacular. I went out to see my old jam friend Martin Whitehead as one of the reenactors and to join them for some tunes at the old campground.
I did not bring my guitar and a tenor guitar was given for my use but I was useless at that. I heard some nice clawhammer banjo (I don't remember his name...sorry) and Martin's fine playing on his mandolin. Soon enough we were joined by other reenactors who joined in singing and banging pots and pans. A harmonica appeared for a while.
It was great fun for all even if rain loomed for the later evening and the day had seen light rain nearly up to the time of the battle. Fortunately, it stopped raining and the effort went well.
Here are a few pictures of the day, Saturday. Next time, my guitar will come along. I need a small body guitar for such times....hmmmmm?! Am I getting GAS again?

Martin Whitehead is on the left playing the mandolin. He serves in the 2nd Mo.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Quail is a pretty bird, by Trisha Spenser at Clifftop

I just ran into this clip today and needed to share it with you all. Or You-uns, as you will.

This remains my favorite fiddle tune. John Hartford had it on his Hamilton Ironworks CD and said he got it from the Goforth family.

Jeremy Myers new fiddle tune

"Hannah put your new dress on" is a new tune composed by Jeremy Myers of SW Mo. Give it a listen. I think he did a good job on this one. I will post an update with the chord progression later. What do you think?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Kenny Smith finally puts out a solo flatpicking album

For those of you that are into flatpicking guitar music and playing, Kenny Smith has finally put out an album of him just picking. No band.
Kenny is a killer/master flatpicker and I always wondered why he had not put one out long ago. Now he has. So check this out. I will have to buy this one. I like his style.
Again, my friends, this is part of the living tradition of OT. Just not purist. Deal with it. Chill. Take a breath. Enjoy. If it bothers you go play it the way you like it. It's all good.

Angeline the Baker with Bull Harmon and Kenny Smith

Bull Harmon is a great picker from St Louis and Kenny Smith hails from old Virginia. They really do a fine job with this and not so much jazzy but juiced up a tad but nicely. Improvisational juice. I like what they did. I hope you enjoy this. These two guys are masters.

Angeline the Baker by Tim May and Brad Davis

These two guys are often featured in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine. This is not a strictly OT version. They jazz it up some. I bring this in the spirit of presenting more guitar work.
I would make the point that this kind of thing is a part of keeping OT living and fresh over time, much like Hartford was doing. So think a bit before you turn your nose up completely. Still, maybe I am like you in that I prefer not so much the jazzy and more traditional. Just not always.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

HK Silvey, Missouri Fiddler

I have not got that much info on him but I do know he appears on the Traditional Ozark Fiddling albums and he CAN fiddle.
This is him and his grandson playing. I hope to do more posting about him soon. He plays at McClurg jam.