McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lyman Enloe

I don't have that much information on him and I think Charlie Walden's Missouri Fiddling page might. I just want to throw him out there to you and suggest you give him a listen. He played in both Old Time and Bluegrass styles. This puts him outside the purist camp but if you don't let that bother you, I think you will find that his playing is excellent. Betse Ellis learned from him back in the day. Others as well. He has been gone for several years now.
Check him out. He has some recordings available out there that I enjoy a great deal.
Yeah I know. Bluegrass content warning. Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn. LOL!

You can't find any youtube clips. That's too bad. Oh, I should balance this out by giving my opinion that there is too much banjo on many of his tracks. Bluegrass style. Sigh...
So, please look him up and give him a listen. He should not be forgotten.
Here is a link for you

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  1. Banjo is what makes it so cool and tight. He's good, too; stays right with the fiddle.



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