Saturday, August 27, 2011

Walnut Valley Festival, Otherwise known as Winfield

This wonderful event is coming up in a couple weeks. If you have never gone, be sure to do so. As far as Old Time, it's there but just in small doses. But it's there.
Dave and Kathey Para play there every year. The Wilders are back. I don't think I will go this year but hopefully next

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lyman Enloe

I don't have that much information on him and I think Charlie Walden's Missouri Fiddling page might. I just want to throw him out there to you and suggest you give him a listen. He played in both Old Time and Bluegrass styles. This puts him outside the purist camp but if you don't let that bother you, I think you will find that his playing is excellent. Betse Ellis learned from him back in the day. Others as well. He has been gone for several years now.
Check him out. He has some recordings available out there that I enjoy a great deal.
Yeah I know. Bluegrass content warning. Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn. LOL!

You can't find any youtube clips. That's too bad. Oh, I should balance this out by giving my opinion that there is too much banjo on many of his tracks. Bluegrass style. Sigh...
So, please look him up and give him a listen. He should not be forgotten.
Here is a link for you

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Banjo Billy update on his 500 fiddle tunes

Just a short note to mention that Banjo Billy Mathews has completed recording all 500 fiddle tunes to complete the series and are available at his website. Do stop by and get yer plastic out.

I plan on getting them myself at a point, probably this fall.

Oh My, new followers!

I have been neglecting this blog again and when I returned, to my surprise, I had new followers. Neat!
Welcome to my blog if your new. I really am going to renew my effort here. I am picking again and the feeling is returning after the deeply depressing extended unemployment I had to endure.

God is good and I am working and my spirits are rising again. The bills are being paid and my injured arm is better now.

I can afford to travel to area events now and I hope to offer more original content than before.

Eastman Guitars

Now that I work in Lawrence Ks all the time and it's just uphill from Mass St. Music, I visit that renown store from time to time. The last visit I discovered a nice assortment of Eastman guitars that run from about $800 to $1200. These are killer guitars that are well made and have tone that comes as close to a good (yes GOOD) Martin as you can find for that price point.

Had these been around a few years ago I would have bought one of them and not the ones I have now. For the money these are hard to beat. Some of these have Adirondack tops with scalloped bracing and are just beautiful. The sound is very good. Very impressive. They have the wide nut I like too. (1 3/4") The parlor guitars are slightly wider. Ah! Those parlors! Nice sweet little guitars that just called out my name but my check book said NO WAY...yet.

If your looking for a nice sounding excellent built and beautiful guitar, check them out. Yes they are made in China. Much much better than Recording King. I know. I have one of them.

Personally, these kind of guitars from China could kill Martin in the long run and that MUST not happen. As we all get much poorer from the irresponsible actions of the fools and liars in Washington, we will be FORCED to buy cheaper than American made instruments. Most of us anyway.

It's just another example of the downward spiral in our society. Martin can't begin to compete against such things. Martin will either seriously downsize and abandon the lower and middle scale of instruments or I think it will eventually die.

Their prices are far too high for most people now. It will only get worse. I don't know about you but this stinks.

As for us players, we have to play the hand that's dealt us and if your budget is like mine and you want a good sounding well built guitar or mandolin to pick on then Eastman is where you should look first IMO.

I bet you can find better prices online too. Mass St is kind of high IMO.