Thursday, June 30, 2011

Banjo Billy Mathews in the Hospital

I received word that Billy Mathews is ill and in the hospital with Pneumonia and COPD. He is said to be recovering and expects to be released in a few days.
My prayers are with you Billy.

We need Billy around for many more years. Get well Billy!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How shall we sing the Lord's song in a foreign land"

I have really come to feel the true weight of what the writer of Psalms 137 was saying. How do you play music when your heart is downcast? I found out I couldn't. Being out of work for two years got me to the point that I could no longer play. add a couple injuries to my arm and you have guitars not being picked up.
You can imagine, after three months of working again, I am finally able to get excited about playing again. It's like something inside me was freed and now I feel the joy again.
I give God the glory and credit for this and I want my readers to know that God is good and is there for you too. There are rivers of living water awaiting you. Come drink!

Now, back to music. I am back working on scales again and it's funny how that is so satisfying right now. I am really feeling it. Whew! I was getting worried!

So I am back. Now, go read Psalms 137. You know you have a Bible somewhere. Go get it out to find out what I am talking about.

New Gillian Welch CD released yesterady!

Let's not quibble here. I consider them OT but in a modern way. They are OT today like Hartford was. Not traditional but living witnesses to the true vine of our music.
Well, call it what you will but it's big news to have a new "album" out by these special folks.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Old Time music was once a feature on Prime Time TV!

Andy Griffith used to showcase some fine bands on his show and they always played some good Old Timey music. Here are the Kentucky Colonels (White family) with Andy playing. Clarence is there too.

Imagine that. Old Time on the little screen across America.

Getting better

I think I have some of the problems improved. BTW, the old photo of the young man fiddlin is of a Ripley County Mo. fiddler back in the day. This is the real deal my friends.

Layout changes coming

I am having issues with the layout and this may change somewhat over the next couple hours.

Clarence White

Here is a great clip of Clarence White picking with his brother.
Nice piece.

I like the picking style.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

"When first unto this country"

Pre Doc Watson OT guitar style. I am gonna have to get serious about learning fingerstyle.

Raymond Crooke is the player. Australian bloke. Not bad.


I am going to add to my list of "Do's" for this blog to retrench on my idea of featuring the guitar in Old Time music. There seems to be plenty of fiddlers and Banjo players out there highlighting those instruments but who is holding up guitar? Who? Hey! It's gonna be me!

I love hearing the fiddle but you can hear that at other blogs from the wonderful players who write the blogs. Thank God for Charlie Walden and Jeremy Myers are great places for fiddling.

So, in light of that, I hope to point to resources and video clips and such for guitar in my beloved Old Time music.

And, I am going to loosen the boundaries a bit and wander into Bluegrass territory on occasion. It happens.

I have said this before here but it's part of my renewal of blogging to restate my purpose here.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm nearly back now. Posts to resume

Whew! That was a long dry spell for me. I hardly touched the guitar at all for a couple months.
The musical feeling is coming back now.
It's been a time of changes for me. I returned to work about three months ago, thank God! I found a great Church to join and I am excited about that.
As for the music, the dry spell got so bad I was wondering if I should sell the guitar! No, I am not.
I played some this evening and had a good time at it. I expect to start posting some things this week. There has been a few things come to my attention and I will try to share it with you.
I keep saying, Arkansas is a good place to be if you love Old Time music. It's alive there.