McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Michael Neverisky off his YouTube channel.

Hangmans Reel

I posted this because I thought this was a remarkable job of fiddling. Notice the perfect time kept and how cleanly he plays. This performance alone qualifies to put this fellow at the far upper reaches of my favorites list.
This is not played robotically. The soul is there too. I hope you enjoy this. I don't know that much about him. Yet.

Just for fun and because I enjoyed it so much, here is a clawhammer banjo piece he did. Very clever playing and very well done. Nice melodic arrangement.

You will find him as FrostyMorn on YouTube.


  1. Cute kid, talented to, she has a bright future!

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  2. Methinks you clicked down too low and meant this comment for the following post! Yeah, she is remarkable.

  3. I actually know who this really is. He should use his real name.


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