Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stringband Rendezvous 2011

Stringband Rendezvous is coming soon. May 13-15th at Clinton Lake. Plan to come out and play and listen. Last year it was rained out saturday afternoon. Hopefully, it will be good weather this year.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mass St Music

I stopped by Mass. St. Music for the first time in a couple years. Prices have increased on Martins. They used to be 35% off list price for Martins. That is not true any longer. The sales guy acknowledged that but did not say what the new percent was. Not as many Martins either. That's on purpose too.
I told you inflation was coming and you better get or already have that instrument you want before it gets worse. Much worse.

I still love the place. Just not as many top end guitars as before. Some Martins, a few Collings, Taylors, Eastmans, one Gallagher. At least their still alive.

I got my DR Rares .13 there today. I love em.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stringband Rendezvous 2011

I had an email contact with the fellow that runs the Stringband Rendezvous a couple months ago and he say's its on for 2011. The website is not yet amended for 2011 yet but it should be in May as usual.

As soon as I hear more, I will tell more

2011 Arkansas Fiddlers Convention

I did not get to attend this year. Nor have I ever. But! Someday I will!!

Here are some clips gathered for your enjoyment. There is nothing like this in Missouri or Kansas. This is at Harrison Ar. on the State Univ. Campus. The really good players go and you will hear some jams that will not be easily forgotten.

I still dream of the day when we can get something like this here. Or something close to it. This illustrates my contention that the heart and soul of Old Time music is centered at Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri.

Michael Neverisky off his YouTube channel.

Hangmans Reel

I posted this because I thought this was a remarkable job of fiddling. Notice the perfect time kept and how cleanly he plays. This performance alone qualifies to put this fellow at the far upper reaches of my favorites list.
This is not played robotically. The soul is there too. I hope you enjoy this. I don't know that much about him. Yet.

Just for fun and because I enjoyed it so much, here is a clawhammer banjo piece he did. Very clever playing and very well done. Nice melodic arrangement.

You will find him as FrostyMorn on YouTube.