McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


When I began this blog it was my intention to focus on Old Time and really not talk about Bluegrass all that much because I felt there were others doing a great job of that.
I am going to break down and do a few posts about Bluegrass groups local to the KC area that interest me or if I know the players. Many Bluegrassers play Old Time and really have no notion of any difference between the two genres (of course there is)

I am going wild on Facebook doing a major Bluegrass friend request campaign. Out of that I hope to bring what I learn about local players I have not heard of and some bands I was not following previously.

There is still a crying need for a Bluegrass OT jam in Johnson County Ks. While it proved true that my playing skills were not up to leading one, maybe I can inspire a Bluegrasser out there to start one?

Also, I have different ideas about how jams ought to be done. Less formally I think. They should be natural and organic. Simply posting on Folkjam and trying to get a group of strangers to start a jam may not be the best way. Better to start a jam with friends and grow from there. IMHO

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