Sunday, February 20, 2011


Now I know where that term comes from and what it means. I had never seen this before. I like it. How would you like to be a fiddler with that going on?!

This was filmed in Mountain View Ar. "borrowed" from Ozarks Traditions Youtube page.

Here is a good article in Wikipedia about this

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Buy your instruments now while you still can

Why would I say this? Inflation is here and it's going to get much much worse. Look around you at the rising costs of everything. Your instruments are going to get much more expensive.
I was fortunate in that I bought my Martin D-18VS in 06 knowing that it was my best chance at doing so and suspected that if that opportunity passed, I might never be able to get my dream guitar.
Being a Martin guitar aficionado, I watched their catalog over the years and saw that some models had exceptional value related to it's price and what kind of tone you could expect. If you are looking for that great Martin tone but have a limited budget, look for the more modest models that have the features that will give you the tone you yearn for. They are there. It's just hard to get your hands on a specific model to actually hear. There are few stores that carry that many in stock that you can find the one you want to try.
When I chose my Martin D-18VS I stepped out into the abyss and chose it and hoped for the best having never seen one. I based my choice on what I had read about them on the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum. I liked the price and it was a little different than the typical Bluegrass model. I also liked that my guitar hero, Norman Blake was famous for playing a similar model in his glory days.
I got lucky and got a very fine model with that killer tone I lusted after.

When you buy a Martin, find a dealer that offers the 40% discounted price, like My Favorite Guitars out of florida. I particularly recommend them for great service and prices. (I have NO connection with them nor am I paid to say this)

If you have a job, the money to do so, or am willing to use plastic, this is the time to buy. Later this year it will be more expensive.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Look

I hope you like the new look. It was time to change things up. You know. Sweep the dustbunnies off the corners of the ceilings and paint some walls. Tidy up.

Inflation is here and it's gonna get worse

I just stopped by Leo Posch's website and checked his new price list. His base price is now $4000.00 and specific details add more, such as Rosewood.
I will be the first to say that Leo is worth the price but he's now completely out of my universe.
Frankly, given the pricing out there, he was too low for what he could and should get and materials and such are rising in cost.
Just prepare yourself for instruments becoming much more expensive.
Leo is part of a group of elite builders that can legitimately charge this much money.
I will have to go check Martin's site for recent prices now. It's a good thing I have my good Martin already.

Incidently, if you don't know it already, the tonewoods we all love and enjoy are becoming less and less available and the prices are rising for them. A day is coming when you won't be able to get these. At least for a while.