McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Wild Whites of West Virginia

I am watching this movie about "The Wild Whites of West Virginia". It's about the family of Jesco White who is from a line of well known OT dancers.
Most folks would call them white trash. I sure would. About as trashy as it can get. These are the people that give the Appalachians a bad name.

You can find these kind of people in the Ozarks too. You could see versions of it portrayed in the movie, Winters Bone.

If your ever about and see one of these folks, I hope your carrying a gun. You very well might need it. No kidding.

Think your safe in the Ozarks beautiful countryside? Safer than me in KC? You would be wrong.

Would I recommend this movie to you given it's slight relevance to OT dancing? No. My wife and I enjoy watching things like this on occasion but really, this movie is not for the average person.

Some of the best folk I have ever known lived or live in the Ozarks and it's a shame people like the Whites can ruin an otherwise good place.

As a sociological exploration of poor white folks in the Appalachians, you might find this interesting. If you have never seen this kind of thing before you could find it illuminating.

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