McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Saturday, January 1, 2011

McClurg Missouri Jam

Here is a clip provided by Jeremy Myers of the most recent jam at McClurg Mo. McClurg is a famous jam in southern Missouri where Bob Holt played and many wonderful musicians joined in to play Old Time Music. You will see Jeremy Myers on the fiddle.
Be sure to visit his youtube site for more wonderful clips.

Jeremy does a particularly fine job on Stoney Point.

Jeremy does real well on this one too. Makes me smile real big!

One of these days I will make the pilgrimage down to McClurg and join in the fun. I posted a clip of a CBS news clip a few months ago of their visit to McClurg which they did some years ago when Bob Holt was still around. I believe Alvie Dooms is playing guitar in these jams. He backed up Bob Holt for many years.

You can hear Alvie playing on several of the Traditional Fiddle music of the Ozarks recordings. In the photo at the top, it's Bob Holt and Alvie Dooms.

Hey Jeremy! Your getting pretty good on that fiddle!

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