McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fiddle makers in Missouri

I had an idea looking for instrument builders in our region would be interesting and it is. Through FB I learned about two builders in SE Missouri. One in Poplar Bluff and the other in nearby Naylor. I once lived in Poplar Bluff in the late 70's and a daughter lived in Naylor for a time. I used to live in nearby Doniphan in the mid 70's and knew folks in Naylor.

Bernard Allen lives in Naylor and builds fiddles. There is a small piece about him on this website page.

There is a little video clip of him for you to watch. Very nice feature.
As far as I am aware, he has no website to visit.
The other fellow in Poplar Bluff is Luther Medley. He builds fiddles and Bass. To simplify the link, just use the one above and you will see the easy link to him.
Here is an additional magazine story on him here...

Mr. Medley is mostly known for building basses it seems and his prices are great. According to this article it was about $700. That is cheap. If you play the bass check him out!
I am thrilled to see builders in SE Mo where I used to live long ago. If you live in the area you may already know about these fellows. I may stop and visit them some day. I will try to find some more builders so tune in often for updates.


  1. Hi, I can't find a contact link on here so I hoped you would email me at so I can send you some info on a KS City Blues show Feb 12 honoring Robert Johnson.

  2. Hi, I could not find a contact link so I hoped you will email me at so I can send you some info about a blues show in KS City Feb 12 honoring Robert Johnson.

  3. As you can see, my interest here is limited to Old Timey Ozark/Appalachian music and blues is not within that category.
    I love Robert Johnson and wish the show well.


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