McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Monday, January 17, 2011


This is Dock Boggs doing "Oh Death". I chose him because I really don't like Ralph Stanley all that much and Dock is more OT than him anyway. I have been wanting to tell you about how I feel about Ralph for some time but generally I avoid harsh negatives here or elsewhere.

Hitting sixty this year has found me much more mellow than when I was young. Thank God for that.

Death is all around me these days. Death and the impending deaths of folks I know. It just breaks your heart to see it. Last month very good friends or ours lost their sixteen year old grandson to a car accident. This was just horrible to see a life taken much too soon and the lad was truly special.

In my Masonic Lodge a dear Brother has announced that he is giving up the battle against cancer and preparing for the end by signing on to hospice care.

Then today, one of my favorite bloggers who had not posted for a week just announced that he was now in a VA hospital with lung and brain cancer and it is clear he will soon enough rest in the Saviors arms.

So when Dock Boggs sings this plaintiff song about death, you can be sure he knows all about it.

One of my odd hobbies that lots of people share is visiting old Cemeteries. One of the first thing you notice are all the babies and young children. Lots of them. Then you notice the young women of child bearing age.

I well remember my own Fathers death of cancer 40 years ago. It remains with me as if it was yesterday. I can still remember riding in the car through the cemetery and nearing his new resting place.

Death leaves big holes in all of us when it takes away the ones we love and the holes are never filled. Even after many years you will peek over into the hole thinking it might be gone and...damn it, still there.

People come and go in our lives and in doing so they become part of us in some way. Some are good and some not. It's all there and it's all part of us.

Oh Death, come again another day. I know you will.

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