McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Custom Instrument makers in our region

I just discovered a Mandolin Luthier in Eminence Mo. that you should know about. He makes Mandolins from scratch and his prices are ridiculously too low! It's not often you can say that! From the pictures on his website he does beautiful work. I can't vouch for the tone and you will have to discover that yourself anyway.

"Shawnee Creek Woodworks" is a one man effort by Mike Holmes, a retired Park Service Ranger.

I have never met Mr. Holmes btw. I have no interest financially in his success as a matter of disclosure. This is not a monetized blog. Yet.

Here are some pictures of his work.

He also works in the beauty of the Shannon County Ozarks. How would you like to go to work where he does?

Mike does demonstrations (and classes? not sure on that) on building Mandolins at various places. Check him out! Remember what I said about prices???!!!
He charges &550 for a "two point" or $650 for an F-5 clone. What!?
He is too cheap! Mike, raise your prices! I know. You mando players out there are mouthing..."shut up Gary!"

Here is his website

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