McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One year of blogging OT

It's been a tad over one year blogging about Old Time Music in this part of the midwest. I am a tad under 10,000 views which seems to be a decent enough readership. I have really enjoyed doing this and yet increasingly the worries and concerns of everyday life grow more difficult and my enthusiasm for the fun things grow less important.

I have decided to keep doing the blog and I feel that in time my gloomy outlook will lift and will become more upbeat. The election cheered me up and a small glimmer of hope returned and the economy is kind of muddling along. Better than last year, so far.

I have seen a lot of activity out there and people and places I did not know about and I find that most encouraging. I mentioned this in my attempt at speaking about the state of OT here in the midwest. Things are alive and well.

My arm was badly injured this last spring and combined with a prexisting rotator cuff injury, playing my guitar became difficult beyond brief periods. It seems to be improving and I will be trying to play more. I just needed a vacation.

I still intend to return to my thread of "The state of OT".

Thank God for my wonderful loving wife who stands by me steadfastly.

Thanks to God for His everlasting amazing grace.

Thanks to kind folks like you for stopping by this humble blog. I appreciate your readership and take my responsibility to make it worth your time, seriously.

I was humbled by my attempt at doing a jam. I learned alot. About what? People, Jam mechanics and dynamics, a little about music.

Yes, myself too. Enthusiasm is not enough.

I still say, that we continue to suffer a huge hole in the culture with the loss of Mountain Music Shoppe. We miss you Jim Curley and your Mom and the employees. I find it sickening to see who has taken the place they had in Shawnee. Sad excuse for a music shop imho. Is there a commentary about our society in this? Yes.

If I had the money I would find a way to do concerts like they did somewhere in Shawnee or environs. Maybe someday.

Well, I have to end this and get up and clean house and get some prep going for this weekends festivities. Take care.

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