McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Thursday, December 23, 2010


In College we had a discussion in Philosophy class under Dr. Cochran as to whether beauty was objective or subjective.

I concluded that it was objective.

The search for beauty is indeed a noble quest and worthy of our efforts. It rewards us with yet more beauty and a deeper appreciation for it and the realization just how bad ugly really is.

Too often we live within a drab world and adjust to it and accept it. We often do not know better. It's all we know.

My New Years resolution is to turn my back on drab and embrace the beauty of this world. It can only make me better.

In practical terms this means for me...planting more flowers this coming spring. Playing more music. Listening to more music. Looking around the world for more positive developments and trying to let the negative drive me down as much as I have.

In music, I have always had a special love for especially melodic tunes. It's time I started playing more melodic tunes.

This year, I really want to learn "Quail is a pretty bird".
When I hear John Hartford play that I get ecstatic in a way I can't describe.

A second observation about beauty. I think it's best when it's "elegant" in it's simplicity. It's one of the reasons I much prefer Old Time over Bluegrass.

It's why I love Frank Llolyd Wright, Shaker style, Amish ways, Ozark and Appalachian ways, rural ways.

I just never had the thirst for "fancy".

I have always known that soon enough we are all going to die. No exceptions. In the end, all that you have labored for will pass to others and you will take none of it with you.

In religion, simplicity is best. Read "The Sermon on the Mount" again this year. Listen to our Lord's simple yet powerful message to you on how best to live. Listen to his words as a child and lay down your tortured concerns about esoteric theological questions.

Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

As Christmas is fast approaching, I hope you have a Merry one. For many this is much harder than it might seem to others of you who have borne no sorrow or pain. Some are living with broken hearts that feel as if they will never heal.

Our loving Father is there for us all. No matter what your Christmas is like. Happy or sad. He is there.

Now go play

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