Monday, December 27, 2010

Cyril Stinnett just for fun

I have not posted anything on Cyril Stinnett for a while. I am over due. Cyril was a farmer in N.W. Missouri who could play the fiddle about as good as you can as far as I am concerned. He was said to practice endlessly.

He been gone for some time now. Thanks to folks who cared, we can see him play.

Prairie Acre doing "Chase the Banshee"

I had not posted about them for a bit. If you don't know, they are a Lawrence Ks area Old Time Band that I believe is my favorite. They do it and play it right IMHO. Nice folks too!

Big Sciota on flatpicked Guitar

This is from Randy Webb??? Not sure. From Webbfeets youtube site.

Since Jeremy Myers posted a fiddle version of this tune I thought this a good counterpoint in guitar. Nice job here. enjoy.

I will have to learn this one. BTW. Notice how he holds his pick? I could never do it that way. My hand is open like Doc Watson's cept I can't play near that good. Not even close

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

It always seems to come at me faster each year than the year before. It's now Christmas Eve in the afternoon. I have the chili simmering on the stove and the beer is out on the unheated front porch along with the Irish Creme Liqueur and the Wine. The presents are stacked in the corner and the wife is getting dressed for the company due in a couple hours.

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I hope you take time to remember the real meaning of Christmas as well as enjoy the cultural traditions that make it so enjoyable for us.
I have Christmas music on the cable tv channel and it's warm inside the house. We had a light snow fall this morning but it's all melted now. At least I won't have to worry about the travel safety of my visitors.

I have taken note of a number of my favorite blogger becoming weary of blogging and for a time it happened to me a few weeks ago. I am happy to report that I think that has passed my by and I feel a sense of renewed purpose for the coming year.

I am grateful for all the new friends I have across the land because of this blog. I have not met you but wish I could and for many, perhaps I will someday. I hope so.

Old Time music is alive and well across the midwest. It's being kept alive by some of the nicest folks I have ever known.

Lets have a good 2011!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


In College we had a discussion in Philosophy class under Dr. Cochran as to whether beauty was objective or subjective.

I concluded that it was objective.

The search for beauty is indeed a noble quest and worthy of our efforts. It rewards us with yet more beauty and a deeper appreciation for it and the realization just how bad ugly really is.

Too often we live within a drab world and adjust to it and accept it. We often do not know better. It's all we know.

My New Years resolution is to turn my back on drab and embrace the beauty of this world. It can only make me better.

In practical terms this means for me...planting more flowers this coming spring. Playing more music. Listening to more music. Looking around the world for more positive developments and trying to let the negative drive me down as much as I have.

In music, I have always had a special love for especially melodic tunes. It's time I started playing more melodic tunes.

This year, I really want to learn "Quail is a pretty bird".
When I hear John Hartford play that I get ecstatic in a way I can't describe.

A second observation about beauty. I think it's best when it's "elegant" in it's simplicity. It's one of the reasons I much prefer Old Time over Bluegrass.

It's why I love Frank Llolyd Wright, Shaker style, Amish ways, Ozark and Appalachian ways, rural ways.

I just never had the thirst for "fancy".

I have always known that soon enough we are all going to die. No exceptions. In the end, all that you have labored for will pass to others and you will take none of it with you.

In religion, simplicity is best. Read "The Sermon on the Mount" again this year. Listen to our Lord's simple yet powerful message to you on how best to live. Listen to his words as a child and lay down your tortured concerns about esoteric theological questions.

Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

As Christmas is fast approaching, I hope you have a Merry one. For many this is much harder than it might seem to others of you who have borne no sorrow or pain. Some are living with broken hearts that feel as if they will never heal.

Our loving Father is there for us all. No matter what your Christmas is like. Happy or sad. He is there.

Now go play

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Devil in the Haystack. Illinois tune.

Proof of the Devil in Old Time. It seems fiddlers play more tunes about the Devil than the Lord! What?! Why is that?

Old Time Christmas tunes

I discovered this last year. Not much out there that I know of for Christmas songs in the OT way. Don't you find this odd? Nor do you find much gospel in OT. Why? You would think you would find religious expression in this music but you really don't find that much.
How odd. Maybe fiddlers really were minions of Satan! LOL!

Flatpicked Guitar /Blackberry Blossom

To keep my own interest up, I am going to start doing more posts about the guitar than I have done in the past. Here is a nice clip of Blackberry Blossom that I enjoyed and thought you might to.

Last spring in Mountain View Arkansas

Here is a nice little clip of some fiddlers goin to it in Mountain View Arkansas at the spring festival. Jeremy Myers is one of the fiddlers. Don't know who the others are. Nice tune.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One year of blogging OT

It's been a tad over one year blogging about Old Time Music in this part of the midwest. I am a tad under 10,000 views which seems to be a decent enough readership. I have really enjoyed doing this and yet increasingly the worries and concerns of everyday life grow more difficult and my enthusiasm for the fun things grow less important.

I have decided to keep doing the blog and I feel that in time my gloomy outlook will lift and will become more upbeat. The election cheered me up and a small glimmer of hope returned and the economy is kind of muddling along. Better than last year, so far.

I have seen a lot of activity out there and people and places I did not know about and I find that most encouraging. I mentioned this in my attempt at speaking about the state of OT here in the midwest. Things are alive and well.

My arm was badly injured this last spring and combined with a prexisting rotator cuff injury, playing my guitar became difficult beyond brief periods. It seems to be improving and I will be trying to play more. I just needed a vacation.

I still intend to return to my thread of "The state of OT".

Thank God for my wonderful loving wife who stands by me steadfastly.

Thanks to God for His everlasting amazing grace.

Thanks to kind folks like you for stopping by this humble blog. I appreciate your readership and take my responsibility to make it worth your time, seriously.

I was humbled by my attempt at doing a jam. I learned alot. About what? People, Jam mechanics and dynamics, a little about music.

Yes, myself too. Enthusiasm is not enough.

I still say, that we continue to suffer a huge hole in the culture with the loss of Mountain Music Shoppe. We miss you Jim Curley and your Mom and the employees. I find it sickening to see who has taken the place they had in Shawnee. Sad excuse for a music shop imho. Is there a commentary about our society in this? Yes.

If I had the money I would find a way to do concerts like they did somewhere in Shawnee or environs. Maybe someday.

Well, I have to end this and get up and clean house and get some prep going for this weekends festivities. Take care.

Monday, December 13, 2010

OT Music Gatherings List Added

Watching that fiddler in the last clip posted perked me up some. I sure needed that.
In discovering the clip I discovered the Big Yam Potatoes Old Time Music gathering in Mississippi and realized that this blog was missing a vital element. A list of Old Time Music gatherings. Henceforth, I will now add this feature. A new list will appear on the right.

Breaking up Christmas

NOW this fiddler flat tears it up buddy!!!!

Performed at the Big Yam Potato's Old Time Music gathering at Jefferson College in Washington Mississippi. The players are, Valley McGee on Bass, Buzz Sibley on Banjo, Jack McGee on Fiddle (WOW) and Buddy McClure on Guitar.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hal Sappington, fiddler, plays "South Missouri"

I did not know about Mr. Sappington but here he is doing a nice job playing "South Missouri"
Where: Johnson County Mo. Warrensburg

Down Home Rag

One of the former jammers at my old jam is playing in this next clip.

I have got to start traveling....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pause for friends

Friends of mine had a tragic loss in the family today and I am behind posting the follow up to the previous post.

The death of a young person is a terrible thing and the pain to the family is beyond description.

So, be patient. I will continue in a day or two.

Please wear your seat belts and wear them properly. Don't neglect to use the shoulder harness. It matters.