McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What Makes Kansas Unique in OT

I am not a purist when it comes to Old Time. Most are not. In Kansas, Old Time music can include this strain of the pioneer era and is just as valid as other tunes and types we all think of in Old Time.

I have really been remiss in posting about this kind of Old Time. I have always meant to include it. It's part of the flavor of Old Time in Kansas. Well established OT bands such as The Alferd Packerd Memorial String Band plays on this tradition successfully.

In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in "Cowboy" music and one notable Bluegrass Band, "Bluestem" converted to that genre. (all bands being mentioned are local/Lawrence bands)

This blends in with Appalachian/Ozark music very well. It's what makes Kansas different

Here are some nice selections of that Kansas music. "Home on the Range" was written in a dug out/sod house in north central Kansas. You can still visit the spot. The song is really pretty nice and makes a good campfire or front porch tune around early evening when the coffee and apple pie are finished.

We don't have the big hills of the Ozarks nor the Mountains of the Appalacians. We have the big sky of the prairie with endless vistas of green in the spring and it's not all flat. We do have the Gyp hills of south central Kansas or the Flint Hills of eastern Kansas and don't forget the Smokey Hills of northern Kansas. They all move you to marvel at their beauty.

When your there, you just feel natural to sing and play a song like "Home on the Range". And it is my home. I may have to reside in the Big City but I can escape from time to time and soak up that old range.

Here is a real nice song by Dan Reeder with a nice video to watch along with. Call's it, "The Cowboy Song"

Jimmy Driftwood wrote a really good Cowboy song that does not get enough play these days. Please give it a listen. You would think it was an authentic old tune. He captured the time well.

Kansas is perhaps about as authentically "Cowboy" as it gets. The real cowboys still ply their trade here and the history of the trail head towns are where the legend came into it's own. Dodge City, Abilene, are two well known names that conjure up primal images of rowdy young lads strutting the mud streets in search of liquor, lust and fun.

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