McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Walking in the garden

When I was a child in Illinois and attending Lutheran Church services and watching tv on Sundays, I would hear what became a favorite hymn. In the Garden is still my favorite.
If you know the song you will understand me when I share that I had one of those golden moments this morning when in warms rays of fall sunshine I yet again felt the loving presence of a loving God who walks with me and he talks to me and he tells me I am his own.
When I was young there were many unfortunate voices warning of God's wrath and judgment and of dark destinies of hell and damnation.
Now I know God is far more loving and forgiving than all that and my fears relieved.
I said this to explain, that as I was searching YouTube for "In the Garden" I fell upon this clip which I liked and lot and wanted to share with you my friends.
God bless you all today and please enjoy this tune.

The fiddler is Tim Eriksen. Perhaps more on him later. Maybe today.

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